Grades. My first tens. Finally.

Booster Packs

Charizard (that 8 is a shocking error on their behalf. It’s perfect, and will be regraded. I have another two currently at PSA, and recently acquired another raw copy, so there’s hope yet)



A good result on a raw English card I found in Taiwan, and a BGS crossover unlimited Chinese Charizard. Happy with these.

Also found this raw card in Taiwan.

Pikachus, why not? I’m getting good at picking out PSA10 worthy cards from my stash.

Korean starters. Note the venusaur :slight_smile:

PSA 10 1st edition Zapdos (Pop count of 1 I believe)

Got this guy back too. Graded it for the hell of it.

It’s getting out of hand. Nah, never.


Congrats mate. Love those 10’s. Really sad to hear about the Zard though.

Thanks! I know, complete misgrade. Still convinced it’s a money spinner to make me send in again, solely because it’s Charizard. The card is flawless and is a 10. I’ll show close ups later.

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Congratz!! Great to see so many Chinese PSA 10’s!
Hope you’ll get a Charizard 10 some day.

Those pikachus are pretty handsome. Congrats.

I have never been so tempted to do PSA grading until this. Good god those are amazing.

Those packs being folded like that in the grading cases.

Otherwise, baller grades dude.


I hate the way they don’t show the top and bottoms in the psa cases, for a pack regrade, would them folding it decrease it’s chances of a 10 regrade?

Sweet grades man! That Zapdos is amazing, you should be proud. Also nice job on the PSA 10 M Ray. Even though it isn’t as rare as some of the other stuff you’ve got, its also a damn awesome looking card.

I would think so. They should be creased.