Joey's Collection

I have a largely varied interest in many different areas of collecting, but recently my collection has been focused on PSA 10 (and some 9s) Charizards. My goal is to eventually (emphasis on eventually) acquire every Charizard released in the highest grade attainable. So far, every Charizard in my collection has been submitted by myself from my personal collection.

Anyway, here is the small collection I have amassed thus far:

PSA-Graded Charizard Collection

Thanks and enjoy! :blush:


Looks awesome hun :grin: x

Thank you! :blush:

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Very impressive, Joey. Thanks for sharing.

I appreciate the kind words, thanks!

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I’m a little partial to charizard collections myself;)
Good job…

Nicely done! I hope to see more acquisitions in the future. :blush:

That E1 Charizard is a beauty.

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I think the old Japanese base and dark are cool. They are pretty hard to get graded at a 10.

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Thanks everyone! :blush:

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Let’s show some Love to that PSA-1 Crystal Zard! :blush:


I honestly wanted it to be a PSA-1 only collection, then I saw those 10’s and got disappointed. :slightly_frowning_face:


Maybe some day, I’d like to get a complete set of PSA 1-10 of 1st Edition Base Set Charizard eventually :blush:


Just a small update :blush:



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Haven’t posted here in a while, haha.

Anyway I have a few things that I’ve graded and added into my collection :blush:


Those two zards are awesome! Well done mate!!

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As you may have noticed, I am the one who won syuju’s Rayquaza and Charizard 1st Edition Gold Stars. I am unsure whether or not to keep the Charizard, but I feel that I may end up keeping it. I’ll post it as part of my collection now, though, just in case I decide to keep it :blush: I do not plan on keeping the Ray so I will leave that one out of this thread. Let me know which scan you like better as well, please!

Vertical Scan

Horizontal Scan


Vertical :wink:

Ill buy em off you for the same price you paid for them xD

Thank you!

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