My charizard collection

**Hi guys, new here, found this Forum/Page earlier today when someone showed me the “pre-release” raichu, as most grown men on here, I first bought pokemon cards when I was a wean, I’m 29 now, no one in my family know I collect cards, I think they would probably send me to the mental ward in hospital for spending daft amounts of money :open_mouth:

its been fun reading through the forum the last couple of hours,

anyway, here is a collection of my charizards, my favorite is from 1st to last. (I hope the picture uploads work)



Welcome to the forums! Nice collection you’ve got!

Welcome, Great Collection!

nice collection you got going there keep it up :blush:

Ohh that Charizard. Keep it up!

Welcome and keep that collection going. Looking great.

Welcome to the forum. You’ve got a nice graded collection there! Is it a coincident that all of them are Graded 9?
EDIT: Nvm, just noticed the Japanese Expedition Base is Graded 10. All the others are 9, though. :blush:


probs price coz 10s are so expensive


Nice collection so far man. One thing I will say is don’t hide it from anyone! If someone will honestly judge you just because you collect something you enjoy then they aren’t worth bothering with in the first place :blush:


9s of charizard still expensive love the reverse legendary collection

A guy after my own heart. A fellow Charizard collector:)
Welcome to the fourum and keep up the good work.

hi, thanks for the welcome, PSA 9s or 10’s don’t really bother me but I wouldn’t buy an 8, that’s just personal preference, but coincidentally the cheapest one I bought was the PSA 10 Japanese expedition charizard at £31 delivered a few weeks ago. some might like this some wont, but here are the prices I bought them for, some from ebay some from other pages…

**Legendary Charizard £176

Shadowless Charizard £220

Skyridge Charizard £110

Gold star Charizard £230

Fire red leaf green Charizard £120

expedition 1st ed Charizard £31

crystal Guardians Charizard £47

Flashfire Charizard £80

Generations charizard, pulled from the only Mythical mew box I bought and Graded by Barney Ludkins**

Welcome to the forum :blush:

Some great looking Charizard’s there. Doesn’t matter what angle you take a shot of the legendary collection 'Zard, it still looks amazing!

good mprices as well man love it :wink: who doesnt like a zard

Nice zards :blush: I need to get my zards collection uploaded here too I think!

Hear Hear * Raises Goblet *