Raichuforyou's Collection

Hey everyone just wanted to share some of the better parts of my ever growing collection. These are some of the more interesting cards. I’ll be uploading more pics when I find the time to take them but for now, enjoy! :blush:

Here is a link to my photobucket so you can see all of my collection pics:

Karen’s Umbreon

VS Fire/Water Holos

VS Lightning/Grass Holos

VS Fighting/Psychic Holos

WEB Series Legendary Birds Holos

PSA 9 Shining Charizard

PSA 9 1st Edition Shining Tyranitar

PSA 8 1st Edition Shining Kabutops

1st Edition Shining Gyarados & Magikarp

1st Edition Neo Destiny Shinings & Japanese Shining Mew

Prerelease Clefable

Prerelease Aerodactyl Gold Lettering

No HP Error Dark Persian

Base Set “Black Triangle” Packs

Umbreon & Espeon Gold Star

EX Deoxys Gold Stars (Including the famous Rayquaza*)

Great Rockets Mewtwo Gameboy Promo

White Star Imakuni’s Doduo

PSA 10 Butterfree “d” Edition Error

1st Edition Lugia

POP Series 1-4 EXs (Non-holos)

Crystal Kingdra

Base Set Theme Deck Box Sealed

Base-Gym Challenge Booster Packs

E-Series Booster Packs (Wizards)

1st Edition Jungle Booster Box

1st Edition Fossil Booster Box

1st Edition Neo Genesis Booster Box

Neo Discovery Booster Packs

Gym Heroes Booster Packs

Neo Destiny Packs

Japanese Video Intro Starter Set Sealed

Team Rocket Deck Boxes Sealed

Okay, that’s it for now! Hope you guys like it!


That’s definitely an awesome collection. Funny thing is, I was thinking if I’d ever get Karen’s Umbreon since it’s one of the few I’m missing from my VS set. Then boom it comes right in my face. :stuck_out_tongue:

I especially love all the classic items you have. Keep it up!

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Oh wow. Not only are those great pictures, but the items in the pictures are amazing! As I was scrolling down, it just kept getting better and better! What a great collection - keep it up!

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The variety of sealed products is a very cool part to add to a collection.

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I completely agree. As useless as it seems, a sealed Base Set theme deck box is actually pretty cool :stuck_out_tongue:

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New pics have just been uploaded to photobucket so check those out! Lots of Gold Star pics there now. Close ups of Rayquaza* have also been added.

HappyHaunter- Yeah, just enjoy that pic until you get the real deal lol Good luck with the rest of your VS collection!

Daelum- Thanks a lot! Yeah, having sealed stuff is, for the most part, useless. I just really like to have it because some rainy day I may decide to crack it all open :wink: Or maybe just sell it if I magically lose interest :slightly_smiling_face:

funmonkey54- Gotta love the mystery of sealed packs! You never know what they might contain!

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Awesome cards Raichu, very impressive! I’ll definitely be looking forward to future updates.

You’re very lucky to have a sealed 1st ed Neo era box, hold onto that thing! I’ve been tracking prices for a few years now and the boxes from that era have seen considerable price increases that don’t seem to be slowing!

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Thanks cbd! At the time I got the Neo Genesis box I thought I was crazy to spend so much on it, but nowadays it would have been quite a bargain. As you can see, I have started to stock up on packs from my favorite sets.

Forgot to post these earlier. Every Japanese set from Base-Neo 4

Ex Team Rocket Returns Gold Stars

Close up of Rayquaza* (sorry for the glare but this picture shows the artwork off pretty good.


Very nice love the vs holos. Which were the hardest to get?

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Awesome collection! :grin:

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PokemonTrader- I think the hardest one to get is the Rocket’s Tyranitar since it didn’t come in VS packs. Just found one recently so I’ll post pics of that when I get it. I get many of them from the same few sellers so none was much harder to find than any of the others. Some of the commons are a lot more difficult to find :confused:

skinst- Thanks! :blush:

Also, if anybody has suggestion for cards I should look for just let me know!
Here’s some more pics for now

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Rockets Tyranitar is the hardest to find, but Karens Unbreon is the most expensive

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Depends on who you ask Tolan… I know I’ve been piecing my set together for a while, but if you get a Water/Fire Pack cheap enough you have a 1/4 chance of getting Umbreon.

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I dont mean pull rates. I mean that if I wanted to buy both of them, Umbreon would be easier to find (on eBay, and online stores, but it’d be more expensive

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If you were to open packs you would have a 75% chance of getting a $15 dollar holo. Umbreon is like Base set Charizard in the sense that it’s not rarer than any other holo, it’s just a lot more popular. Opening packs until you pull it is just the hard way of getting it.

I think the VS Tyranitar half deck has been really scarce lately. Nobody seems to have it anymore :confused:


I stole an image of your collection for my card news.

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Awseome! ;D Could you tell me where to find it or link me to it?

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I used the image of the VS Psychic/Fighting Holos here:



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Oh, cool :blush:
I’d be interested in doing a group buy for those VS packs if you want to. Just let me know!

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Finally, reached a huge milestone in my collection. My Gold Star set is complete ;D

All 27

Also, got a bunch of packs in.

30 Aquapolis

And 10 Base 2