Nice cards and nice photos :blush: especially because you captured all the beautiful holo effects :blush:

yeah for me too, but you can see the photos when you click the link in her signature :blush:

Sorry about that…i posted them again aways down the post

Hey just a little advice if you don’t mind;

You may want to re-size those images a bit. There pretty hefty for the forum as it takes a while to scroll past them. (Especially when I’m on the Mobile version)
Also it might be a good idea to edit your original post as the images don’t work plus you have images that are being displayed now.
One little last thing, you don’t need to post Every picture either, it’s love;y to see but that’s what the Photobucket is for :wink:

I’m very methodical and love when things are systematic.

Wow, amazing pictures of amazing cards. I love the gold stars! Are you working on a full set?
Also, I love the variety of Pikachu cards!

Very nice!
Are you trying to collect Japanese EXs?

Wow! Amazing photos.

Nice cards, keep it up!

GREAT cards. I liked these most:

McDonald’s Pikachu
Pikachu M LV. X
Some other Pikachu’s.

They look so cute.

Sick! You already know how jealous i am of your crystals :stuck_out_tongue:

and gotta say, your other pics are intense! that daisuki umbreon man oh man

Thank you! :wink:

Why did your japanese crystal celebi card not get a 10? I can’t see any flaws.

Incredibly envious of the 1st ED WCP cards. Great cards!

that is the holy grail of what’s needed in my espeon collection, very nice!

Nice additions mate, EPIC!

Thank you ! They are very nice ! :blush:

Thank you ! Its an expensive card its is for sure one of my grails ! :blush:

Yeah I really want it, prob out of my price range atm though

awesome collection

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Some new additions!