Lots of new japanese stuff!

Havent posted here in quite awhile…but that doesnt mean i have stopped collecting! :wink:
My collection is coming along better than ever!

Iv pretty much completed the japanese 1ST EDITION gold star set! Finally!

Iv also recently starting collecting the japanese crystals! Such amazing cards right there!

I plan to keep growing my collection! Hope you enjoy what iv got so far

BTW…all cards in in mint or nm/mint+ condition!

First up is the 1st edition versions of the gold star eeveelutions (DIFFERENT THAN PLAYERS PROMOS!)

PSA 9 players promo flareon

2010 lottery promo shiny ho-oh and lugia!

Players promo espeon

2010 lottery promo entei

Rayquaza, latias, and latias gold stars all in 1st edition

Unlimited crystal celebi

1st edition crystal lugia

PSA 10 crystal nidoking 1st edition

PSA 10 crystal kabutops 1st edition

1st edition crystal golem

PSA japanese crystal charizard 1st edition

This was definitely a beautiful set of photos to look through! Keep them coming. :stuck_out_tongue:

I love your collection! Probably told you that on youtube before though lol

Thank you!

Lol thank you!! Whats your username on youtube?!

Those are some pretty cool cards :wink:

I really love your pictures. The way you captured the holo patterns on the cards makes them look beautiful. Great photos of a great collection!

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This is one impressive collection. I particularly like your set of PSA 10 1st Ed gold star eeveelutions. Your crystals are amazing as well. Thanks for sharing.

Ha i thought youd like those :wink:

Thank you, i am very proud of them! Glad you liked em! :blush:

Thanks so much! :blush: