James's Eeveelution Collection + More! Update 8/19/2016

So, I’ve been a member here of this forum for about 6 months and I realized I have never posted my collection! My main goal is to achieve a PSA 9/10 set of the Player’s Promos (eventually upgrading my 9s to 10s when possible). I am also a huge eeveelution fan so I’ve amassed a decent collection of those as well. Anyways, here’s what I have so far! I also tried to remove the spoiler so the images just appear but it’s not working for some reason or other.

Edit: Apparently my camera is really a potato. I’ll switch these pictures up with clearer ones on a day with better natural lighting.

Edit 2: Messed around a little more and somehow the first picture is now above the spoiler? Sorry about that but I hope you all enjoy anyways!

SPOILER: Click to show

I’ve sent a few of the cards I’m missing from the set in to be graded, and I have some others sitting at home waiting for a larger submission. Updates in a few weeks upon their return!

Thanks for looking!


Here are some of my favorite Eeveelutions in my collection!

I have also nearly completed a master set of all the english eevees/eeveelutions (only missing espeon/umbreon gold stars, pop 3 nonholo jolteon/vaporeon/flareon, and a few other miscellaneous cards I haven’t picked up yet but could at any time), but I don’t really want to bore you all with those!

And lastly, here’s what one my favorite cards in my collection, just because I think it looks awesome :blush:


Lovely collection! :slight_smile:
Can’t wait to see more updates!


That’s a really focused collection. Awesome job! I hope you take them out and admire them often!

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Aura’s Lucario is one of my favorite cards as well! Great collection :blush:

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Awesome! I love the eeveelutions also! Your players set Is looking amazing so far! great job

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Always a fan of the Eeveelutions and the cards that come out with them. Also really impressed by the gradings you have on some of those cards. Look forward to more of your collection in the future and hope you complete your goal soon!

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Thanks everyone! ^^

Small update: Got a small PSA submission back. Now I’m just 4 cards away from completing a PSA 9/10 Player’s Promo set! Too bad two are still espeon/umbreon haha.

Also, thanks to @soulwind and @hisoka107 for selling me the WCP Flareon and Karen’s Umbreon, respectively.

Also managed to pick this up, but not too sure if I want to keep it as it is or grade it (I’m only anticipating an 8 or 8.5, with luck it could get a 9).


Love it

Awesome additions. Great to see play Flareon received psa 10, I remember you worried about some surface defect couple months ago. :blush:

Thanks! Yeah I was worried a little printing defect would bump it down but I’m so glad it didn’t. Time to hunt down the last few cards I need and set a new collection goal!

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Great additions!

Great eeveelution set!

Going for a complete psa 10 players set?

Excellent start to your collection, you have some really serious cards graded there!

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DOn’t normally go nuts for the Mew cards - but that one is amazing. Love the artwork!

Thanks guys! Excited to be so far with this set now :blush:

Currently the goal is just to have a PSA 9/10 set, but down the road I’m probably going to upgrade my 9s to 10s. I believe I only have 6 or 7 9s at the moment anyways so it shouldn’t be that difficult.

I agree, this is easily my favorite mew artwork and I almost like it as much as the espeon/umbreon promos that are eluding me.


Been ages since my last update… Been out of the scene for a while due to academics and applications and such and only picked things up slowly here and there. Here’s a few things I bought in the last 10 months.

First is a PSA 10 PLAY Lugia Ex. Now only have 7 cards left in the PLAY set I need to acquire in PSA 10 (Excluding Espeon and Umbreon). Card was bought from @pottsinator, thanks!

I also picked up a sealed Forest Pokepark Sheet, which I really like!

Lastly, I’m sending in a 100+ card order to PSA this month, highlighted by these beauties. Shoutout to @soulwind for selling me one of the WCP Jolteons :blush:


PSA returns back! Here are the highlights from my 103 card order.

First off, my 3 1st Ed. WCP Gold Stars all scored 10s! Extremely pleased about that

Also managed to pull a 10 on an unlimited WCP Vaporeon - it has a pop of 1.

Here’s a photo of all 3 Japanese Vaporeon Gold Stars! Only PSA 10 set in the world because of the pop 1 unlimited WCP copy.

Also graded some more PLAY Promos I didn’t have yet in 10. All of the copies I sent in got 10s, luckily, so now I’m only missing _'s Celebi, Kyogre Ex, Jirachi Ex (all of which I have coming from YJA), and the Master Ball which is extraordinarily difficult to find mint copies of. Apart from Espeon and Umbreon of course.

Also graded the last cards I needed in the PPP Promo set! Only had a 10 in the Darkrai beforehand, but was able to complete the rest of the set with this submission :blush:

Another sub-goal of mine was to acquire these 3 cards in PSA 10, given I’m a huge eeveelution fan. Both of my sets managed to pull perfect 10s!

The rest of my submission was primarily Japanese full arts. Because I’m a little short on money at the moment, I’m not sure how many of them I’ll be keeping (nearly all of them received 10s). However, I do know that I will without a doubt be keeping these two in my collection.

Lastly, I was able to buy this card for what is in my opinion a very good price. Can’t go wrong with a PSA 10 eeveelution!


Those Boost Energies are beautiful. I had not seen them before.

& those 15th anniversary cards are greatly complimented by their grades.