Bought more good cards!

These are some new additions to my collection!

2 unlimited japanese gold star charizards–>

PSA 9 japanese players flareon 024—>

1st edition japanese gold star mew---->

my second japanese gold star players espeon 025–>

1st edition gold star japanese suicune–>

1st edition gold star gyarados japanese—>

Got a 2nd set of 1st edition japanese gold star flareon and jolteon →

Sunset mew japanese mcdonalds promo–>

1st edition japanese leafeon level x
1st edition glaceon level x---->

All the cards are in mint or near mint condition.
Im super happy to add them all to my collection!

More great additions to come! :blush:

Very nice :blush: As always your pictures are fantastic!

Ooh very very nice!

Great additions! I particularly like the PSA 9 Flareon. Congrats.

Amazing new cards :blush:

Particularly the sunset mcdonalds mew, its one of my favorite artworks and hope to get one soon :grin:

Thank you guys!!! :heart_eyes: :blush: