MartinCollects Pokemon Collection!

Hello!I thought that I would share a bit of my collection.I got back into collecting Pokémon cards a little over a year ago. My goal then was to complete all of my favourite childhood sets, and get all of the cards in Mint condition, preferably pack fresh.Since then I have branched out quite a bit, and started on many more sets from what I initially had in mind!

My current main collection:
Series 1 - Complete
Series 2 - Complete
First Movie - Complete
Johto Series 3 - Complete
Base Set: 102/102Jungle: 64/64Fossil: 62/62Team Rocket: 66/66 (no holos)Neo Genesis: 111/111Neo Discovery: 75/75Neo Revelation: 64/64
Southern Island: Complete

PSAPSA 9 Neo Shinings: 11/11
PSA 9 Shining Legends: 6/9
Gold Stars English: 25/27

Complete WOTC Unlimited Booster collection
Complete WOTC Empty Box Collection
Complete XY Series Booster Collection
Topps Boosters: 18/21
Instagram: MartinCollects
Sales: @raukcard

PSA imgur album:




Beautiful collection my friend! Welcome to the UPCCC!

Wow, stellar display my friend!

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Thank you guys so much! :grin:
I display my cards in an “Ikea Detolf” Cabinet, then I used the bottom part of Elite Trainer Boxes as raisers in the back, fits perfectly! :blush:

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Well done.
We gotta find you a PSA 9 Shining Tyranatar;)

Haha yeah a PSA 9 Tyranitar would be sweet upgrading to :wink:

The last few weeks I have been focusing a bit on Gold Stars! Got my hands on a very nice Legendary dog trio, as well as a Mewtwo goldstar that has the potential for a grade 10! :grin:

And I also managed to buy my newest most expensive card for the collection.
I thought it would be my Shining Charizard for a very long time but now the new holy grail is a Charizard Gold Star!
I also tried scanning my card for the first time :blush:


Nice display and cards :blush:

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Awesome, we have a similar collection!

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Yeah, I really enjoy following you on IG because of that! You always post cards that I like :wink:


Ditto! I have one last card en route to me which will bring me to a nice milestone that I think you will appreciate, after that might be a bit quiet from me. :stuck_out_tongue:


Love the display setup! Are Charizard and Mewtwo on those stands that PSA sells?

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Thank you!
Nope, those are just some cheaper card stands from UltraPro! I will soon be ordering some of the official PSA stands though :blush:

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Today I got my Epson V370 scanner!

I tried scanning my PSA cards, and I am extremely happy with the results.

It’s all thanks to this forum that I decided to buy it! :blush:


Man that is such a nice collection, gotta tell me where you live so I can come over and steal it!

Congrats on the PSA 9 Gold star Zard! I hope to add some of these cards to my collection soon aswell! :wink:

Dang, nice work!

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Really nice grades, happy for you man! Did you grade them all yourself or did you also buy one or two? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Regirock, Registeel, Regice, Kabutops, Noctowl are PSA returns and the rest are bought graded! :grin:
A bit sad that Kabutops didn’t get 9 so will have to upgrade him, but that one was a bit of a gamble as I understood it would probably not match that grade :wink:

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Made a huge update on the main post with scans of my Goldstar and Shining cards! :grin:

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Do you only collect 9s?

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That is correct! In many instances the difference between a PSA 9 and 10 is so minimal anyway, but I cannot justify spending the price difference :stuck_out_tongue:
I am just happy to have the cards Mint/Pack fresh! :blush:

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