I GRADED A PSA 10 1ST EDITION CHARIZARD!!! It was originally ungraded off eBay, I paid a fortune for it and it’s all worth it WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

ps. the TMB No.1 is my 1998 No.1 Pikachu which was previously graded PSA 8. I could never understand the grade so I sent it for regrading and IT GOT A MINT 9 so now I have a mint pikachu set. Too bad the label is effed up, but I’ll call them in the morning.




Thank you :blush: I really just cannot contain the excitement as this is basically the holy grail from the other world of Pokemon card collecting, and a card that has eluded me almost a dozen times

Wow! That is extremely difficult to accomplish! I am still waiting to grade my first PSA 10 zard. It has to be such a rewarding feeling!

And I hope they fix the label on the pika. They need to get better at labeling the prize/trophy cards. That extra 97 pika set… B-|

Wonderful Jason. Veeeeeeeeery happy for you. Now you have to complete the set so contact www.GARY :wink: Or, you can just sell it to me for 3500.00:)
Is it a “Thick”?


Really? That’s surprising? Today I purchased ice cream and to my surprise it was 2x1 day, I think that takes more merit than your PSA 10 carboard thing… lol jk, that’s awesome, isn’t a PSA-10 Charizard 1st Ed a $7,000 card?

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WOW congrats Jason! It’s also amazing you got the Pikachu in PSA 9 now!
PSA is very lame in labelling trophy cards… my No. 2 TMB was labelled as SSB before I called them to fix it :confused:
Anyway, well done Jason!

This one closed last week at under 3500.00

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Don’t mean to hijack the thread, but does anyone know the ebay seller “pokemonplace”? He/she seems to have a ton of good cards, but I’ve never heard of them before.

Congratulations Jason. That’s a mean feat. Very impressive.

Intimately lol. You can certainly trust him:)

Is that the Pikachu you got from Frosty??!?! :blush:

And damn! I didn’t realise a shadowless 1st edition Charizard would be worth that much!! $3500???

Ah right. Misread that! :blush:

Congrats bud. That’s quite an amazing card.

Congrats Jason…Kind of like hitting the pokemon lottery when you get a PSA 10 1st edition Charizard

Thank you everyone!! :blush: I just had to share because like others have pointed out, this is a hugely pricey card, and like winning a lottery of sorts :wink:. Scott I’ll trade it for that Pikachu you have on your eBay though…this card is much more desirable I promise you’re getting the better end of the deal :wink:

Ps. the Pikachu is all sorted out, all it took was a 10 minute phone call to PSA :blush:

Nice! Congrats, Jason.

Pics when they arrive??

Hahah deal!