The Highlight Of My Collectible Career

I’ve been collecting things since my favorite catseye marble when I was 6 years old. There’s been many personal monumental moments since but today was the greatest of all. Not the most valuable but the greatest for me.

I won the BGS 10 1st base Charizard tonight. I never would have believed a Base holo could qualify for a pristine grade but one finally did.

I am seriously speechless. My heart is still pounding. I think I need a Valium lol.



NZD be like

Sorry for the text being out of place. Mobile acting weird…


Congratulations Gary! No one could have predicted that final price, incredible.

Congratulations! I wonder how many PSA 10 1st edition Charizards out there could get a BGS 10. Probably only a couple…

Oh, well now I know why there’s all the discussion between the two grading systems. You have like a million 1st edition charizards that are PSA 10 right? Was this the first BGS 10 to go up for sale ever?

it is the first one graded a BGS 10 :blush:


Congrats Gary, im glad it ended up in your hands

It’s the only one to ever get a pristine grade. In fact, I don’t think there is another English pristine holo period:)

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But like we discussed earlier today I said I may go up to 12k. I’m glad I did;)

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Thanks Brendon:)

Well then, congratulations! Are you going to pose seductivley with it and post the pictures here when it arrives?


I think I’ll add it to my Charizard auction as the centerpiece of my collection;)


Rog. You like to keep the kinky stuff to yourself… I can respect that.

Thanks Michigan Sam:)

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Exactly how I feel Andrew.
And to think someone else sniped it over 10k was scary. Had he beat me I would have just died.

I just recently found out how to snipe on eBay! Makes things a lot easier haha

Rofl potts, you just figured sniping!! dam.

It is so scary right… never know how high people will go; but I would not bid any other way.

Congrats again Gary! I spent a while trying to find the right celebratory gif, but thought I’d stick to a pokemon one.

I really liked @RayquazaTCG 's denzel one. So gangster.

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