I really need to share this!!

I bought a complete 1st edition base set in Mint condition on Ebay last year for a steal at $300.00 Buy it now.

I was expecting a bunch of played cards (would have been happy with that at this price!) but when I got it I was stunned, every card was pack mint! All 102.

I graded every holo, all 16 holos including the Charizard graded a Mint 9 with PSA. The Charizard alone sold for way more than I paid for the entire collection. After selling all the holos I’m at roughly $1700.00 in profit and I still have all the rares, uncommons, and commons in my possession (many of which graded 10’s).

I just had to share this amazing find! Sometimes a once in a lifetime deal comes up on Ebay, this was one of them and I certainly got my moneys worth! Every penny (unfortunately Canadian pennies are being discontinued so I can’t say that anymore :slightly_frowning_face:) Every nickels worth!

Have any of you guys found any of these once in a lifetime deals? I wanna hear all about it!

I got a Eevee Get for $120 and a 1st edition charizard PSA 9 for $200

Also, avalanche1313 aka Howard had the biggest deal. He paid $50 for a little lot and got a 9th lucky stadium which graded a gem mint 10!!!

Yes :blush: and yea that’s how he got it!!!

Yes – multiple times. I would love to delve into the archives of my memory…however, I’m lazy I can’t remember every single bargain. I suppose the most inexpensive card obtained – in ratio of (cost : value), would be my Shining Magikarp [Awakening Legends]. I won it for $2.

UU gets the best deals ever tho so she can’t count!!!

Get eevee for $120 is very impressive!! I also got a PSA 9 1st ed Charizard at the going rate of $200.00 a couple years ago, they’ve gone up massively since!

9th lucky stadium for that price!!! I’m sorry but my jaw dropped to the floor, that is incredible.

And Fan club shining Magikarp for $2? That is insane I don’t even know how that is possible.

Those last two take the cake by far, I thought my deal was impressive :wink:. Very jealous!

:open_mouth: Extremely nice deals you guys have found! Very Cool!!

The best deal I feel I’ve gotten, is 14 PSA Graded cards for $30 shipped! That’s just over $2 each. They were mostly newer cards, but whoever graded them it cost them at least $8-$10 each if they had membership. If not $15 each.

So, I thought that’s the coolest deal I’ve gotten. (Not near as good as you guys tho!)

we should make a special thread out of it :wink: best deals or so :grin: just a suggestion :wink:

well I was often very lucky in my beginnings of collecting…I got my 700p Porygon for about 30pounds from ebay UK and a PSA9 glossy Mew for 9euro at ebay Germany. I also bought my perfectly sealed Toyota Set a huge lot under price. Would have to go through my collection to remember all of my lucky purchases :blush:

Nice buy on the 1st Edition set. Love to hear good stories like that since it keeps me optimistic there’s still more bargins out there…and since my name got brought up, yes I was lucky enough to buy the 9th Lucky Stadium that graded a PSA 10(Pictue is under Lucky Grades in the Collection Additions). The seller priced it with a starting bid of $50 and a BIN of $120…It had been for sale for almost a week with no bids…I paid the BIN of $120. The seller included the T-Shirt he received at the 2000 TMB as well as the medal that was given out…The seller listed it as a Lucky Stadium Aloha…
I was also lucky enough to pick up an 8 card Japanese PSA 10 Lucky Stadium set many years ago for $200…Good fortune definitely smiled on me since I now have the complete 9 card Lucky Stadium set graded PSA 10.

That is a steal of a lifetime, makes me wonder if I would have seen it had I been into collecting when the auction went up :wink: Really jealous of your PSA 10 lucky stadium set, I’ll be looking to purchase that in the future so getting one in a full set for that cheap is phenomenal!

If you ever want to sell the 9th lucky stadium… :wink: jk!