Steal of a Deal

For everyone who knows anything about the hobby, first edition base set represents the pinnacle of the hobby and Charizard represents the best of the best. For me, I am a binder collector and my goal is to one day own a full set of first edition base. The only question mark has been how to obtain that Charizard. With someone who is young, married, and has a child, disposable income doesn’t come as easy. I save up through careful calculated research buying and selling to get the collection I want to keep. One night though, as I was searching through listings on eBay as I often do in my spare time, I came across it… A new listing for a Charizard 1st edition base set for $500! I thought it might be a scam or a fake card or the seller was sketchy. But the card was definitely legit and the seller very reputable, so I went for it thinking the worst that could happen is that with eBays buyer protection I’d get my money back if I get scammed. It came in the mail and sure there is plenty of wear to the card but I’ve seen worse go for more. Regardless, I finally got it!

For those of you that think you may never be able to get that certain card; with enough patience, effort, research, and luck you can still have hope no matter what stage of life you’re in.

What are some cards you are saving up for? What are some stories where you got what you felt was a steal of a deal?


Congrats!! I love reading these kind of stories on the forum, makes my heart happy.

I think my favorite card that I will probably never own is the Trophy Kangaskhan. I got a fake one just for completeness in my binder set for about $30 and it’s very nice, but I’d love to have a real one.


That card is in pretty rough shape and ungraded… I wouldn’t consider that a “steal of a deal” :ninja:

If it’s anything like how I feel about the Trophy Kangaskhan, a little beat up and mine is still mine :blush:


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Heck of a deal OP. Any 1st Edition Zard with no bends, creases or tears for under 900 is a great deal. Perfect for a binder set.

My biggest deal was scoring two shadowless packs on eBay that were listed incorrectly. I got them for for unlimited base set price. Score!


I pay $800 for any 1st ed charizard not creased. Even creased I’d pay more than $500.


Top Steal of a Deals/Faves

Picked up a shadowless zard for $150, graded a PSA 9 ($1000+ increase)
Picked up Grand Party Japanese Promo for $60 or $80 (can’t remember which), Graded a PSA 10 ($600+ increase)
Picked 3 Prerelease Clefable for $15-$20 each (It was part of a larger lot). Sold one raw for $150, graded one a PSA 7 and another PSA 8 ($900+ increase)
Picked Dark Charizard First Edition for $30 and graded PSA 10 ($500+ increase)
2xJapanese Blaines Charizard for $30, graded both PSA 10 ($120 increase)

The shadowless zard and blaines zards were picked this past fall and the others were about 3-4 years ago. It’s all about communication when hunting.


My stand out steal was a devolution spray 1st ed psa 10 for $100. I think that happened because some absolute hero had falsely advertised a shadowless 10 as 1st edition and the seller on fb took an average of the last few, including said falsely advertised. No complaints :grin::ok_hand:


I purchased a 1st ed. PSA 8 Base Set Blastoise for $90. I think this was back in 2013.


What would you estimate OP’s card to be graded at? PSA 2, 3? I remember TCA posted a ton of zards he was collecting at PSA 2-5.

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Well done Nick. It is a really good feeling:)

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I managed to grab two separate shadowless zards for $100 each over two months. Both came back 9s! While they were away grading the 1st ed/shadowless zards had that huge jump, was a pretty sweet feeling to nab a chase card at the right time!


Any Charizard graded is instant $1000 so it’s a great deal

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I would guess a two.

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Wow! Those are some good steals right there! Fun stuff!

I would concur.

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Best deal I’ve ever made and probably ever will make, my cousin and I went on these together, 1200$ total as a single purchase.


My biggest steals were:

  • 6 of the vending series 3 sheets with bill on them plus a full NM/M 1st ed jungle non holo set for $45. (Sold the sheets for $250)
  • a complete NM/M fossil and TR set with several 1st Ed’s for $70. Had a 1st ed dragonite which graded a 9.
  • a large 5k card lot purchased for $200, ended up finding several wotc holos which were unfortunately HP or worse but everything else was mint. found 7 Japanese Misty’s tears, sold a few and graded one 10. Still have 3 more to grade. And found my evolution box error wartortle which ended up grading a 10. I think I ended up netting ~$300 from that not including the Misty’s tears or wartortle.
  • and finally picked up a small lot that included some wotc holos with a base blastoise and evolution box error wartortle for $25. The wartortle graded a 9 and is in my personal collection now!

Man that’s insane. There’s more than $1,200 just in the shadowless packs. I would have been too tempted to open them all at that price.

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epic, love me some sealed wotc

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