Greatest eBay/Yahoo Deals

Hey all,

I am an avid eBayer when it comes to Pokémon and I am sure many of you are as well! Like several others, I have searches that I run on a daily basis in order to find the cards I need as well as a deal or two when I have spare funds. In fact, one of the most satisfying aspects of collecting is getting a bargain! If you recently scored an awesome deal and want to share with the community, this thread is for you! Of course, I understand with higher cards that sale prices are often kept confidential but at least we can discuss our lesser acquisitions.

I’ll start: a bit over a year ago, I listed a bunch of older PSA graded cards on eBay with what I deemed to be reasonably fair BIN prices. One of them, a Shining Steelix (1st, PSA 10), did not sell for several months at $200. I lowered the price to $180 next month, and then finally $160 shipped. After four months, I finally put it at auction for $0.99 ready to accept whatever the market gave me. As it turns out, the card sold for a whopping $247! Not too shabby considering I thought I misplaced the card before I sent it in for submission.

Feel free to share your own stories! I look forward to reading them. :blush:

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Very intriguing! Though I don’t use ebay at all, I’ll be watching this thread like a hawk!
I love finding deals all the time though, I never get the turn out like you did on that Steelix however…

Ha, I was quite lucky.

If you use Yahoo! Japan auctions or any other websites, that’s fine too! :blush:

My favorite Yahoo! Japan deal was a lot of the three starters and Pikachu No Rarity cards. I was able to trade the three starters for my favorite Jumbo: my uncut Metal Energy (Thanks Rusty), and I got the Pikachu graded, which not only got a PSA 10, but was the first card to get labeled “No Rarity”. So yeah, great purchase because I got my favorite card and helped with PokeHistory :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


ooo; this is a good idea!

I’ve been actively buying and selling on eBay since 2009. Unfortunately, all of my great deals were back some time ago; before prices began rapidly increasing :slightly_frowning_face: Anyway, here are my top few best deals EVER:

1.) PSA Gem Mint 10 “Shadowless” Charizard 4/102 — Paid $300.00 via eBay Message/PayPal
2.) SEALED “No Logo” Shadowless Base Set Booster Box — Paid $250.00-$300.00 (don’t remember exact amount) via Auction
3.) 108x (36 of each Design) Fossil Set booster packs @ $2.00 each ($200.00 Total) via eBay Message/PayPal

I wish I had know the market-prices of today back then, I would have held onto a lot more of my inventory. O Well, it was fun while it lasted!

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From when I first started collecting about 2 years ago.

I saw this auction lot, and it had the classic characteristics(title/descriptions) that the person listing had absolutely no idea about the cards at all. The lot looked to have about 50 cards total and it had a few Base/Fossil/Jungle Holo cards in it and with 1 hour to go there were no bids. So I ended up bidding like 10 dollars on it, auction ended at 6 dollars or so.

So I get the package in the mail and to my surprise there was about 250 cards in total in the package. I pull them out, first card is a Base Set Venusaur (unsleeved/no protection of course). Not too bad I think to myself, (the Venusaur was actually in really nice condition and got a PSA 9 when I later sent it for grading)
I continue to go through the cards, here is a list of what was in there:

Fossil Dragonite Holo
Fossil Zapdos Holo
Jungle Nidoqueen Holo
Base Set Hitmonchan
Base Set Poliwrath
Japanese Fossil Mew
Shining Noctowl
Shining Mewtwo 1st Edition
Shadowless Zapdos
Shadowless Nidoking
Blaine’s Arcanine
Dark Raichu 1st Edition

Plus a bunch of Neo Revelation and Neo Genesis Holos that I can’t remember.
What was most amazing was that all the cards were generally in Near Mint condition, the person who sent them might not have packaged them well but whoever stored the cards previously did a great job.

I ended up sending them a Christmas card the same year, but never had a reply back. *shrug*

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Most likely, Japanese 1st ed e-series and EX series booster boxes seem to be like finding needles in haystacks.
Even harder at resonable prices.

buying a Victory Ring Pikachu and a Miracle Diamond trophy both in original cases for $500 in total… that was quite a few years back


That’s really cool! Plus you got all the fun of digging through and discovering what all you really had. :stuck_out_tongue:


I yelled at him for this.

I knew @bagoly14 when he started playing with pokemon cards

In 2002 I won an opened 1st Ed base english box in a store contest/promotion in Pickerington, Ohio and pulled 3 charizards that ALL got PSA 10s;)


I bought a Prerelease clefable for $30 and sold it for $3.25. :blush:


The best collectibles purchase I ever made (so far) isn’t related to Pokemon. I bought up 300 ticket stubs to Ichiro Suzuki’s major-league debut with the Seattle Mariners. I paid an average of $2 per ticket, and re-sold them to Japanese collectors for $250 each.


I’m Curious, and don’t feel like you to answer, but how many PSA 10 1st Ed. Base Set Charizard cards do you have? I know you have the five on eBay, but I assume you have another few stashed away for your own collection too haha

I’d guess half the PSA 10 population is in his vault and the other half he sold at some point. :wink:


I’d guess over half the 70 or so PSA 10s out there, I graded. One of these days I’ll go through my PSA history and check.
Honestly, I only have those 5 now. Like all of us though, I hope to get more;)

1st Edition Neo Genesis Booster box including shipping from the US to the UK $87

I sold it for £600 ($988)