The Best Deal You Ever Got

So, as the title says…what’s the best deal you ever got on a card/box/anything else? It would probably make sense to go by the market value at the time, so if you say “I bought a Mew gold star for $20…back in 2009” then that’s awesome, but no so much a deal as Mew stars were worth $20 back in 2009. (I may not be perfect on the value of the card, but you get the point)

For me, probably my Japanese Mew star, I paid $50 and graded it a PSA 9.

Only this weekend I got a Daisuki Raichu, mint, for £96 ($150).

If it comes back PSA 10 that will really make this a monster bargain!

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The best deal I ever got was when @funmonkey54 accepted my marriage proposal. He will make a good housewife.

More seriously, a complete Skyridge set for $150 where 5/6 Crystal cards got PSA 10.


How many time are we going to have this thread? I swear its been 3 times already.


For me it’s probably ma latest deal - SEALED Pokemon Center Tohoku Pikachu promo for… $3.5 shipped

@donmatty89 this user often has very good deals : )

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That is an insane deal. Kudos to you!

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If I had power here, I would hunt them down and merge them together.

Of course I was criticized for doing that elsewhere.

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I’ve answered this with Pokemon several times here so I’ll offer a non Pokemon find. About 5 years ago I bought a factory sealed case of comics from the 70s.
It turned out to be the #1 KISS Comic from 1979 which was printed in real KISS blood. That case cost me about 80.00usd. There were 60 mint issues inside. Scored for sure:)

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Bought a complete Japanese Neo Destiny set with shinings a week or so ago for £250. I could sell it all for at least double that right away but also some of the shinings were candidates to be graded. :blush:

If we are going non-Pokémon that is easy. My wife. I scored big there.


I’m with you there brother;)

Bought 2 sealed trained deck B’s for $57 USD each

lol this thread again >.<

99cents for a gem mint crystal English charizard at a local shop.

What about the Umbreon PLAY gold star you bought for a couple hundred bucks back in the day.

So as we are doing this again so here’s my best buys -

A lot from YJ with 2000 odd cards which included my first Pokedude - $200
1st ed Charizard Gold Star - $30 (1st ever Graded PSA 10)
Trophy Khan 1st one - $1500 - Graded PSA 10
PLAY PROMO Set including all 32 cards with sealed eveelutions - $1000 - Ended up graded PSA 10

Need to go through images later to see if i can find any other good deals I had I got but those are the ones off the top of my head.

complete neo gen set listed but they were assorted so that you could only see the left hand side of two cards which had 1st ed stamps, rolled the dice in hope that the whole set was 1st ed. Picked it up for around $80.
Every card had the stamps…

She isn’t reading this mate :wink:


Well it’s nothing too big,

But this one time, When I first started collecting, Met a guy on craigslist who hoarded Base Set Charizards as a kid.

Ended up getting like 20 of them for $15 each and then sold them all for double :grin:

Same guy also sold me a Legendary Collection, Shining and Lance’s Charizard for $10 since I was buying so much from him!!

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She has never gone on this site. So no bonus points.


330 euro (about $370) for 2 Championship Arena including booklett (one graded a 9!), Ken Sugimori Signed Charmander, 2 worlds VIP Badges & some tournament promo’s.

And a month ago, 6 rising rivals boxes for 18 euro ($20)

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It was a snowy July day last year on a mountain in New Zealand.
I’d been snowboarding all day, and was exhausted. I walked in to the cafeteria area of this ski location upon the mountain top.
It was the end of the day, so I managed to get 3 bacon and egg rolls for $10. My hand was shaking as I handed over the money, unable to comprehend the calibre of the deal that I had just gotten.

As far as card go though, nothing really. The occasional full art in my local stores $5 folder, but nothing crazy like the rest of you guys.