What's the most you've ever paid for a card?

What is the most you’ve ever paid for a single card, graded or ungraded? It’s an intrusive question, but hey, don’t answer if you aren’t comfortable! :blush:

And additionally, was it worth it? Did you grade the card and resell it, or keep it and sell it later, or just keep it for yourself? Did you overpay?

For me, it was $120 for a gold star Charizard, which I later resold at a slight loss.

195 for a porygon fan club near mint Is my most expensive single card purchase I bought a 3500 card collection of wotc era cards 4 years ago for 470.

Too much. Lol

Sealed Rayquaza/giratina japanese promo

Spent 1000 on a gem mint gold star umbreon right when it dropped a bit. Still love it.

Probably $130 for about 30 Voltorbs and Electrodes from Italy haha


105 for a championship arena :blush:


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2 kids got suspended from my Primary School because a girl said she’d trade a Holo Fossil Articuno to any boy that would let her touch his junk behind the water tank.

My new Articuno was destroyed in the wash that same week when I left it in my pocket. That is the highest price I have ever paid for a card.


HAHAA you win. Lol

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I think $500 for a PSA 10 Fan Club 'Karp which I later returned.

I have had a few $2k+ purchases for collections, though.

I have a couple of World Championship - Quarter-Finalist cards, that I paid $150+ each for.

Mewtwo PSA 10 1st edition, paid $400 sold for $800 a year later.

Which Mewtwo? :open_mouth:

I mainly buy bulk, so highest singular purchase is looking to be a mint crystal lugia at $67 or a psa 10 1st edition dark raichu for $70

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would have to be a base im thinking

Oh right. I forgot that existed!

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@kkthxbai Neither!

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The most was probably the 15th anniversary pikachu set. Though it was actually a gift so doesn’t quite count. My highest single card was that Mcdonalds Sunset Mew for $65. I do not regret it one bit.

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$91 for a Shining Charizard 1st Edition Neo 4. It Graded a PSA-8. $91 for a Play Promo Jolteon *. It Graded a PSA-10! Or $88 for a Sealed Play Promo Vaporeon *. Sadly it Graded only a NM-7, because there was a dent in the card… :confused:

Also, I think I spent around $80-$90 for a PSA Mint 9 Crystal Lugia! :blush: