Best Score You've Ever Had?

The best score I’ve ever had…

I needed an Unlimited Base Set Clefairy. The person I traded with said it looked strange and might be fake, so if it was, I could send back.

Well when I got it, it was a 1st Edition Clefairy in MINT condition. I mean this thing was perfect. I contacted the trader to let them know what it was, and they let me keep it!!!

I ended up selling it for a little over $50 because I needed the money. I kinda wish I still had it, but I bought many new cards with that $50. :blush:

So what kind of scores have you guys found?

That’s awesome Bluey!!

I bought a Mint 1st edition base set (all 103 cards!) for $300.00 buy it now. I graded every holo and they all got PSA 9’s! I still have some of those and I’ll eventually sell off all the commons uncommons and rares which are also pack mint

The Charizard sold for more than I paid for the whole set :wink:

Wow, cbd, $300 for a mint 1st edition Base Set? What a steal! The PSA 9’s just made that amazing :grin:

I have three :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s one that’s finished:

The best score I’ve gotten (that’s over) was when I went to a collectibles show about an hour from my house and a dealer there had a big box of older Pokemon theme decks - by old I mean WoTC. It was a steal on my part because they were all mildly damaged and what not and he just didn’t want to put them out to take up space so he let me take as many as I want for $3 a piece! I ended up with, I think (sorry it was like 5 years ago) 10 theme decks. I’m pretty sure I snagged some Gym decks as well as most of the Expedition series (base, skyride, and aquapolis) decks, and a few Neo. It was awesome :grin:

Here’s one that’s almost finished:

So I bought a really bad condition Rayquaza Gold Star on Ebay last year for like $28. The thing was super scuffed and scratched with silver showing in multiple spots throughout the card and a normal amount of edge wear and the front and back but no creases or anything. So when I got it, I had thrown it in a binder for my collection cause the card is so expensive.
Well, recently I decided the thing was too crap to keep so I put it up for trade on some forums. A lot of users decided the card was worth like $27, so everyone was trying to trade around equal value for it. I thought it was worth much more, so I eventually decided to just put it up on Ebay at auction starting at, I think, $30.
After 7 days, the card sold for $61.50!! I was super excited! But that’s not even the best part :grin:
Literally within an hour of my card ending, someone else threw up a Rayquaza Gold Star in excellent condition with a Buy It Now of $50. Well, using my newly acquired $61.50, I bought the card more-or-less instantly. The card has minor edge wear on the back, but the king of edge wear on the front where the it looks like it’s edged in silver, but all around the card (I guess it’s like peeling/curling). There are a few little specks of silver and small scratches here and there.
So, I pretty much got paid $10 to get a better condition Rayquaza Star :grin:
I’m leaning towards selling the card right now. I’m sure I can get over $100 for it seeing as my first one sold for $61.50. The only reason I would keep it thought is to avoid dropping $140+ on a NM/Mint one, but I know I will eventually because what’s a collection if the cards aren’t mint :stuck_out_tongue:

And here’s one that is in the works of happening:

Okay so I found a dealer on Ebay who has hundred of POP 5 packs. He lives in Australia, so he is 13 hours ahead of me, which means midnight for me is 5 pm for him >.> So this deal is taking quite some time, and it doesn’t help that he went on vacation and then when he got back his kids got sick. ANYWAYS, after sending offers back and forth, I set up a deal for 100 packs for $200. I was stoked with just this because I could turn the packs around at $5 a piece on Ebay minimum and make a good profit. I plan on selling them at like $7 though. So, I was happy about that, and by the time he got back to me with the shipping cost, I had gotten another ebay user in on the deal. They are going to buy 200 packs for $700!!! So now I just need to finish up with the dealer. He said he would do 200 packs at $350, so I asked him his price for 300. He has yet to respond, but when he does, I’ll confirm it with him. Then, I’ll set up a listing for the other ebay user and get the $700 from them, then pay the dealer for the 300. Once he ships those out and I get them, I’ll send the 200 to the other ebay user and keep my 100. So, before I even sell any of my 100 packs, I’ll have made an estimated $200 profit (assuming I can get 300 packs for $500). Then I get to sell my 100 packs for minimum 5 a piece for $500. All of this in the end would equal a $700 profit for me. Great, isn’t it? :grin:

oh god, steals! I’ve had a lot as a lot of my collection is made on them (being an artist/card store worker for a living has its drawbacks :stuck_out_tongue:)

I’ve had 5 charizard ex’s within a year, under $100 for all 5, one of them near mint - mint. sold the other four and made all my money back :grin:

nearly all my star cards were from cheap ebay lots/BIN’s. best ones are probably booster fresh pikachu * for $8, booster fresh latios star for $6, espeon and umbreon * NM $60 the pair

also got a NM reverse holo EX dragon tv reporter in a lot of holofoil cards for $40 :blush: and a non reverse crystal charizard NM for $5…

Wow fizzy. Those are all amazing steals! How do you find those?

By far my best score was a Japanese 9th Lucky stadium I got from an Ebay auction. Not gonna go into the details since I’ve posted the info before. If you’re interested the first post is in Collection Additions from Jan 6, 2011…I had another post about PSA grading the card on April 24, 2011.

Two recent Yahoo Japan auction I won were pretty sweet. I got a Japanese Jumbo Captain Pikachu for 100 yen…even with Noppin middleman charges, it only cost me about $12 U.S.

The second auction I won was for a lot of 61 1996 Pokemon Bandai cards that included a set of glossy cards(Charizard, Blastoise, & Venusaur). I’ve wanted the 3 card set for a long time but didn’t want to pay the $80 Ebirdman was asking on Ebay:

Won the Yahoo Japan auction for 500 yen, so with middleman charges, it cost me less than $20 for the lot

Avalanche always wins any of these kinds of threads in my opinion! Very nice snag indeed

Avalanche will always win! GG no re!

my two best deals have got to be 2002 lottery cards for 40 shipped
japanese error ancient mew for 11 dollars lol

I think most serious collectors that have been around for a while know what mine was :blush:

I haven’t been around a long time, please enlighten me. :blush: Other than the lucky Dark Dragonite which is amazing itself!

9th for a short bio on my son. No money. No barter. Just some heartfelt sentiment.

Oh wow that is amazing congratulations! Glad there are people like that out there in the world. You could say the 9th lucky stadiums have been pretty lucky between you and Avalanche!

Yeah, but that’s also why my boy doesn’t want to part with it.

I just want to find out about that card box he sent with it tbh. The only info I’ve been able to get is along the lines of ‘Never seen it. Never heard of it. Probably exclusive to TMB’, which is cool and all, but I’d still like to know. I haven’t seen another one and have spent several weekends on google trying to.

I guess that is understandable! The cardbox is very neat of course, unfortunately it can be near impossible to get information on items like that. It’s weird that another one has never surfaced as I’m sure it’s not one of a kind (only because it wouldn’t make much sense to make just one I would think)

My thoughts exactly. I know it’s legit and bugs the hell out of me that I can’t find ANYTHING solid.

Man I can only imagine. I have literally spent hours on end on the internet trying to look for information about elusive things like that. There is no worse feeling that knowing something is ultra rare but you can’t find a shred of information on it.

ebay and a LOT of patience :grin: Though one of the charizard ex’s came from a con

also avalance, loving your steals! The jumbo captain pika is awesome

I remember answering a similar question in a previous thread

Nevertheless, I feel the best score – emotionally, was obtaining Pikachu & Arcanine (1997 Toyota Auto Campaign Folder). It was an amazing experience to receive this item after trying so hard for three years. Indeed, absence makes the heart grow fonder :heart: