No. 2 Trophy Card For Sale!!!

I have a 2002 No. 2 Trainer Trophy Card from the Battle Road tounrament in its original case! There are less than 10 copies of this card!

For those who do not know, the current battle road is not the same as this tournament. This tournament ran similar to worlds or the older tournaments in which there were only 3 winners, one for each division. This is the second copy of this card I have ever seen, the other in my personal collection!

Here are pictures of the actual card,¤t=No2battleroad.jpg¤t=no2front.jpg¤t=No2paper.jpg¤t=No2back.jpg¤t=no2battleroad.jpg

If you have any questions let me know. I must stress this card is very rare, less than 10 copies exist! I will take payment plans and can work out pretty much anything! :blush: :grin: ;D

When I saw the picks I literally tore up my apartment trying to find the folder mine came in, found it! ;D That folder is the only thing I have left regarding Pokemon.

As you know I am unable to afford that card ATM but anyone who does and want to grade it (though no one probably will risk it) be careful it takes some skill extracting the card from the sleeve. The way I did it was I held the folder upside down and used my fingers to make the top of sleeve open just slightly more by lightly pressing down just above the center so the card dropped out which I then as it was falling caught it with my fore and middle finger with lighting like speed and then I threw the card like a shuriken into another sleeve that was about 15-20ft away from me, without the slightest damage to the card, yes I’m that good :sunglasses: :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it is viable :blush:

Since it is a no. 2 trainer, $2,000 sounds appropriate. I would be ok with that price. I put a good amount into it, along with another purchase made for my collection!

But it is in its original folder shown in the photos :blush:

And wil I am glad you still have the folder, I was wondering if you held onto it!

I paid $2500 for mine but I also got a space-time and mysterious winter pearl promo cards out of the deal. I think $2k is a very reasonable offer for such a card.

Hey Scott how much would you pay for the folder? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats nice :blush: I wish i had the money for it. I’m trying to save up for my own place and thats like 3 months rent.

Living on ones own has quite a bit of cons that get outweighed by one simple pro *you’re living on your own!* total freedom aside from paying for everything you’d rather not pay for hahaha.

Scott where exactly did you hear that there are like less than 10 of these cards or sets of the BRT Trophy cards? I’d like to know the exact number of this set if possible.

Hahahaha I don’t know I pretty much pay for everything now anyway (phone, car, going out, etc). Everything but food and my own place. I’m sure the novelty will ware off quite fast anyway.

I thought there was close to 10 of that card, but as a whole of over the few years BRT was run there are like 48-60.

Yes that is true but this battle road is different than the ones now, just the amount of cards given out. I talked to brian and he translated the card and case and told me it was from the same tounrmanet of the no 1 and no 3 he had. There are definitely under 10 copies. He told me more info when I bought the no 1 and 3 about the tounrament, I dont remember the specifics but I do know it is the same style as the world championships with one winner in each division, for sure there are less than 10.

Also the winners name and location is on the case, and card as well, making each unique.

I think thats really neat how they printed the persons name on the card. It just made the moment when the winner received it that much more personal you know?

But arguably less collectible (each one unique so what - collect every single one? who’s going to do that? If you’ve not got a chance to collect them all why bother with these?)

I don’t agree with that really but it’s possible some people might prefer other trophies to this for that reason.

I didn’t say anything about collectibility. I’m right there with you. Would I want John Smith written atop a card I own…ehh not really but from the winners stand point that had to be awesome :blush:

Yeah that’s true but it would give incentive for the winner to keep the card, making less copies available to collectors. Honestly this is the second copy I have ever seen, ever.