More info for the Spring/Summer battle road cards !

I’ve NEVER seen those cards elsewhere, someone who has more info about them?

  • 2001 Battle Road No.2 Trainer

  • Battle Road 2002 (Top 4 Players)

From my search, I’ve found 2 images of the events (Spring Battle Road and Summer Battle Road)

The No. 2 Trainer has picture of the winner printed on the Spring Battle Road (Lugia) background, so is possible that there was another one winner cards with the picture of the winner printed on the Summer Battle Road (Ho-Oh) background???

Thanks for all the additional information!

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Source: PokeGym


Ive seen the second one on here before. First is new for me too.

these cards are really mysterious!é_Dude_(Fan_Club_promo)

And those ebb cards. The tv ad pikachu.

I don’t really like them though, even though the two in this thread are super interesting

There is also a ho-oh one o_0

I’ve seen em before. Can’t remember where though.

I just posted the thread where these were discussed. But the ho-oh picture is missing, who can provide it for us!?

@smpratte ?

I think I had seen you posted a phone pic of this card?

N the thread it is @darkrai who posted it

Same art as the GB promo Lugia. Print out your face, cut it and paste it into the card et voila! Instant creepy fake promo. :rofl:

yes, no one post a better picture/scans of the cards since 2011! PKMN community and collector must know more about these battle road cards!

@darkrai isn’t possible get better picture/scans of the 3 cards? :stuck_out_tongue:

many thanks for your help!

Would anyone who can read Japanese translate the words printed on the Elite Four Trainer card in particular the characters below the word Trainer?Many thanks.

Maybe @japanime can translate all the 3 cards?

This is so true it should be chiseled into a slab of marble.

In general, Japanese winners typically do not sell their cards. Prolific winners like Yamato, and others who have been around for a long time do not even entertain offers. When I mean offers, I am referring to substantial 5 figure offers.

Most of the winners keep their cards and majority of the time do not even publicly display them. As Darkrai mentioned, having photos of them is a feat in itself. A good example of this is a competitor we met this year at worlds who competed in the TMB, won one year in the World Championships and has been a competitor since the beginning. He mentioned he has 3 university magikarps, along with other tournament prize cards. We would of never known this without practically forcing answers out of the japanese group that day on the quantity of cards produced.