08/07/2012 - 2001~ Trophy Cards

So this was a post by Darkrai way back in July 2011, so since it’s been a year I thought I would make these Trophy cards part of the Card(s) of the Week! These cards are extremely rare and not an awful lot is known about them.

On the left -
2001 Spring Battle/Championship Roads Lugia No. 2 Trainer

On the right -
2001 Summer Battle/Championship Roads Ho-Oh No. 3 Trainer

Promo-Sen sold this Lugia No. 2 Trainer for £4,500! (nearly $7,000)

The Ho-oh and Lugia cards were given out at different tournaments, these were the Spring and Summer Battle/Championship Roads in 2001.

As you can see from the picture m786Ali provided, I presume the Summer Battle/Championship Roads mascot was the Ho-Oh. And the Lugia is the Spring Battle/Championship Roads mascot. Both Lugia and Ho-Oh have the illustrations on a #1, #2 and #3 card, however these are the only surfaced ones to date.

I find these cards pretty damn awesome, to actually have your face on a Pokemon card would be out-of-this-world! I would only want to own one of these cards if I was getting every trophy card ever made. It wouldn’t be on my list to get as; 1. They’re quite strange with the persons face. 2. The price tag that follows. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well i was browsing the other day through some blogs and i found some info on when the 2001 summer road was held - rainbowgym.blog.fc2.com/blog-category-3.html

Okay cool thanks, I just had a read through it and obviously it can’t translate perfectly but it seems to just be listing all the prize cards in the first section. Then I have no idea what was going on… Can you make sense of any of it?

I was just about to message you to see if you got to speak with Yamato at worlds! Haha.
Oh wow I never knew about the two separate tournaments with both illustrations, I always thought they were more unique than what they are. Thanks for that Dan.

Did Yamato provide some more information about the cards?
So there is a no.1, 2 and 3 Lugia and Ho-oh… right?

Am I a terrible collector for never really caring that much about these kinds of cards? They’re all Trainer cards and although they sometimes feature Pokemon ON them, I’d much rather have actual Pokemon cards… :slightly_frowning_face:

It’s not the fact that they’re Trainers, it’s the fact that they’re fracking awesome! xD

But they all mainly have Pokemon on them/featured. Kangaskhan, Magikarp, Pikachu, Mewtwo, Exeggutor, Psyduck, Onix Lugia, Ho-Oh… =]

Weren’t the Kangaskhan and Magikarp ones actual Pokemon cards though? Or were there other trophy/rare cards than the Parent/Child and University ones that had those?

Well yeah… but they’re still prize cards just not trainers.

Yeah, it’s cards like those two or the Fan Club Porygon/Eevee that actually make me act like a kid behind the toy store window. I guess for me I’m not too interested in most trophy cards because either the main focus is on something that isn’t a Pokemon, like the Miracle Diamond and Mysterious Pearl cards, or I find the artwork of the Pokemon kind of blah.

Like the main focus of these cards are the pictures of the real-life winners. Which I guess is kind of cool but 10 years later I’d find it kind of creepy that collectors would want a card with a picture of me on it, LOL.

I feel like the picture is probably the reason why we haven’t seen many of these surface. Heck if I had a unique card with my picture on it I’d probably feel really weird selling it to someone. I’d find it much easier to sell a Pika or something like that.

I think it would be a pretty awesome thing to brag about as long as you never sold the card though. “I have this super awesome card with ME on it and I’m keeping it because it’s a card of ME!” :grin:

I would agree with you, I absolutely adore the Fan Club Eevee/Porygon/Magikarp cards, they’re beautiful. However, I think ultimately the history behind the tournaments in which the Pikachu Trophies are given out and so on, crushes the Fan Club exp system. Plus it really is a part of Pokemon history that will never change and will go on forever. (Not to mention, there is an extremely small quantity of them in the world compared to the Fan Club cards). In my opinion, they are just undoubtedly more elusive.

I also agree that the newer promo cards like the Mysterious Pearl is quite plain, but that’s why I am focusing on pre 2003. All the old-school, hand drawn cards look spectacular.

I just love them all so much!

It’s cool Fluxy! Even though these types of cards aren’t really my thing, I do appreciate the passion that you and other collectors have for them! :blush:

I was about to say, “What’s that kid’s mug doin on a card” lolol. They are a little odd, but man. That’s a once in a lifetime sort of thing. And that pricetag… Wow.

Some of the worst cards tô ever be printed in my opinion, yuk! Actual people on a pokemon card dont mix, dont care how rare the card is. Yuk, woukd burn, #endrant.

Even Imakuni?!

I have contacted promo_sen about these cards… hopefully he/she will answer to me… I will let you know if I hear something!

Hahaha I think these are just awesome! I would love to own one of these…for me they are the ultimate rarity. Yeah having someones face on a card is a bit different but imagine how excited the child/young adult was when they got it…that’s quite the experience.