Yu-Gi-Oh Trophy cards

I barely know anything about the Yu-Gi-Oh scene these days, but I came across this post today and thought it was worth sharing here as well. Although Yu-Gi-Oh Trophy cards may not be worth as much as Pokémon Trophies for sure, it’s still rather impressive to have 8 World Championship Trophies for the years 2008, 2009, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018:


He also has quite a few other pretty cool Yu-Gi-Oh promos. Here some highlights as examples:




Is there anyone who’s active in the Yu-Gi-Oh Trophy collection? I’m curious to know the values of these cards in comparison to Pokémon Trophies. Or how the Yu-Gi-Oh high end collections look in general.



@quuador, I have a very small yugioh trophy card collection, and nothing on the level of Asianyensation. Asianyensation is the Scott of Yugioh!

The short answer is that the Yugioh prize cards are way cheaper then Pokemon. Yugioh prize card dont experience much growth at all. But some have suck as the shonen jump prize cards.

More detailed answer: Most cards range in the 200-500$. The high end trophies have a broader range of 1500-3500.
The affordable trophy cards are the WCS/ WCPS/YCSW super rare cards. The Ultra rare version of those 2 categories sell for about a 1000$ as they are awarded to the top 8 players I believe. The SJC promos, are Shonen Jump promos, and they go for about 1800-3500. The world championship cards you see on the first picture you posted, are hard to price as they are very limited and exclusive (No more then 3-6 copies in the world.) Only the Asianyensation himself would know.

If you are trying to get into collecting a few, the cheapest wcs card that comes to mind is Sengenjin. Its like 25-50$. It release is slightly more common since it was released in a video game. The other cards then jump to the 200 plus range!

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@ptccards Thanks for the information! And no, I don’t really have any intention of diving into Yu-Gi-Oh Trophies, nor Pokémon Trophies. Already have enough collections as is. :wink: I was mainly curious.

The only Yu-Gi-Oh related collection I have are Yu-Gi-Oh rarities (including misprints and OCG), for which some outdated scans can be found here.


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I’m not an expert on Yugioh so take the info with a grain of salt.

The trophy cards are better seen in the last image you posted, that person seems to have trophy cards from 2004-2017. The top left of the last post are the Shonen Jump Tournament cards, the most expensive would be SJC-EN001-Cyber-Stein, valued around $2000-$6000, there’s one on eBay for sale in BGS 10. The other Shonen Jump trophy cards I would expect to be anywhere from $1000-$3000.

Next to the Shonen Jump Trophy cards are the Yugioh Championship Series trophy cards. I’m don’t know the prices of these very well so I won’t guess, but Shonen Jump was replaced by the YCS when Konami decided to run the tournemants themselves instead of letting (upper deck?) do it. So they’re esentually they’re the same trophy cards just newer years and a bit cheaper.

The really high valued trophy cards in yugioh would be the japanese version, there’s no 1st-3rd place cards in the post. There’s some participation and first/second round First National Conference/Tokyo Dome cards that can be seen just above the bottom right cards. If there would have been some actual placement cards I would expect around 8-10k+ for those as there’s only two of each from the tokyo dome tournament.

The more valuable cards that aren’t anywhere in that post would be the 1 of 1 steel printed Duel Monsters I tournament cards, you can see info on them in my Tokyo Dome link as well. Those cards would be the first tournament cards ever held, the 1st place Black Luster Soldier has been up for sale for 10 million dollars for years now.

What’s really intersting is that the Duel Monsters III tournament has the higher distribution of secret rare Dark Magician Girls at 300 copies, but it’s resale value is anywhere from $3000-10,000. Kind of like the Illustrator in Pokemon, which isn’t not extreemly rare like some of the other cards, but it’s so sought after that it’s price point hits the upper level of Yugioh cards.

I’ll Leave this post with the Second National Conference/Third National Conference. These are more cards I would expect very high price points, I haven’t seen any for sale in years, I haven’t keep a watchful eye on them either, but I’d image they would be close to if not in the 5 figure price range.

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The bottom right prize card for the WCS tournament is the 2nd place for 2018, Amatsu-Okami. Due to its artwork, it sells for between ¥2,500,000 to ¥2,800,000 in Japan…

Other 2nd place goes for usually >$10k. Red Star beast, 2011 2nd place for ¥2,500,000 and Magician of the Dark, 2012 2nd place was listed for ¥3,500,000. There is not many to go around hence the high price point. Only 9 copies for this year and the year before and only 6 copies before that.

As for the first place it is even more expensive because of the lower print (3 for this year and the year before and 2 before 2017). There have been some stores in Japan selling them for ¥3,980,000 (Aggiba 2009 1st place) and was apparently sold and $10k for an Iron Knight of revolution (2018 2nd place) also there was an offer for Sanctity of Dragon (2017 1st) for $20k around July this year.

I follow closely the prices for the World Championship Top 4 and Champion cards but due to many being traded privately, it is very hard to track.

As to the older cards, an owner of the Tokyo Dome Champion card, the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon is putting it up for sale at a price of ¥45,000,000 currently lol.

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Indeed he is. It’s a true beauty, but that price point is insane.

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That’s the third national championship tournament card T3-01. The Tokyo Dome version doesn’t have a set id on it or the eye of anubis in the corner.


Yup the Tokyo Dome one is the one culler just posted. There is only 2 'non-replica’s in the world. One is graded by PSA and another is available for sale for $410k

I own the Tokyo Dome promos. Don’t have photos of the attendance promos atm.

The replicas (top right corner) go for about $70-$1000 depending on the card. The cheapest is Chimera, the most expensive being Stardust Divinity.

This is the real gem though:

This isn’t a prize card, it was a promotional piece upper deck printed before they lost the license to distribute the game. Only 1 in the world. It would be interesting to hear the story behind how he got his hands on it.

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The replicas and super YCS prize cards don’t really appreciate. The rest are unicorn cards and if you have the means… go nuts.

Personally as a long time yugioh collector… very few of these appeal to me. I don’t like the new art style on the worlds promos (or the current state of yugioh artwork in general). I’ll never be able to obtain the 1-of promos most likely so I don’t think about them.

Set cards are starting to eclipse many of these in desirability and value though. That’s where I focus my collecting because it’s my nostalgia.

@budget Tony said there were 15 printed. Where did you determine that there is only one in the world?

EDIT: Talking about the Seal of Orichalcos

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We were told forever there was only 1? Idk upperdeck lied.

It makes sense there’s more than 1 though, they took them to shopping centers.

I still think it’s the most interesting because it’s not a prize, promo or a misprint. You couldn’t actually obtain them normally.

The seal is quite cool, I was there when Anthony got it in 2017.

The prize cards in the original trophies for 2-4th place worlds usually go for around 4k, but Japanese collectors have since been hoarding these worlds prize cards and they have become super sought after among Japanese collectors especially, so the prices have since went up quite a bit from the original ~4k that they were originally being sold at.

Yu-Gi-Oh… has some crazy mofo collectors… next level hoarding sometimes on these types of items.

I remember hearing about a guy who won the lottery or something and just lives to buy up all mega Yu-Gi-Oh stuff. Then you have the Taiwanese and Hong Kong millionaires collecting… haha

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What I find tough about yugioh prize cards is there’s no habit of grading among the big collectors, so it’s very difficult to plonk 10k usd or 20k usd…

Been eager to get into yugioh prize cards but stuck with set cards atm, prices have increased a lot in yugioh tho