Yu-Gi-Oh Card Collectors?

Hi guys,
just wondering if theres anyone who collects/collected yu-gi-oh cards :blush:
I collected years ago, some of my beauties here:


They are like Articuno, Moltres and Zapdos :blush:

I actually do not know a thing about Yugioh, I know there is a solid collector base and prices are similar to pokemon!

Aren’t prices way higher than Pokémon? They have a weird system of making playable cards tournament prizes so everyone wants them… and then they get reprinted in later sets :thinking:

That’s right. Cards are legal for tournament play for a loooong time afaik. There is a banned and restricted list, though. Also, they tend to re-release many of the super expensive cards as cheap un/commons lol

That is what I heard, that the re-releases kill the prices, similar to the daisuki prizes that are released in english.

I have seen some hit the mid thousands, I guess they are trophy/tournament cards.

Yeah, the most pricy cards are trophy ones you get at worlds, etc. Like the No. 1 Trainer :wink:

I used to collect some of the Yu Gi Oh cards. I have some of the Playstation promo cards, World Ranking Tournament cards, some sealed Secret rare English God cards, and some participant cards from the Tokyo Dome tournament. That’s the tournament that had riots because they were expecting 10,000 kids to show up and estimates said there were over 50,000.

Wow, riots! From a Japanese crowd…

I guess there’s a first for everything…

Don’t YGO cards lose their value after the reprints? That’s makes it a very strange collecting game!

Yeah, that’s the problem with YGO cards. They print a cards which is soo good that everyone needs it for their decks so the price is very high and then some months later it gets reprinted as a U/C and drops in value :grin:

i use to play and collect yugioh cards but then got back into pokemon.yes yugioh card prices are high as hell especially a couple years back lightsworn decks were going for high prices about 500-1500 for the deck alone.with yugioh the value dies down after its reprinted in a common version like mirror force for example and crush card virus.now the card people want is pot of duality which goes over the 100+ alone.

Mary, some of the most sought after cards (for collecting) you can see in the photo in my post, these are the “egyptian god cards” and came with japanese gameboy games. The three in the middle row are “secret rare” (the holofoil looks a bit like the neo shinys) came only with the pre-order version of the worldwide edition for GBA so like a 1st edition or limited, then came the normal ones in the first row as unlimited (but still rare, though not as rare as the 1st edition).
The third row are rarer than the others, each one came with a different version of the same GBC game.
See here: s977.photobucket.com/albums/ae257/sandmans_promos/Yu-Gi-Oh/?action=view¤t=IMG_0153.jpg

yea like 1st print runs.but now there are many versions of the god cards.each of them have been released in english but not released all at the same time.

1.japanese txt version
2.english secret rare version
3.english ultra rare version
4.slifer from the animanga movie booklet(1st wave only)
5.Winged dragon Ra from the dawn of destiny game
6.Obelisk from the shonen jump renew subscription
7.Legendary collection of all 3
8.Winged dragon of Ra alternate artwork
9.Obelisk alternate artwork

as for trophys and stuff yes a few years back there were certain cards that were ONLY given away to the championships but majority of them now have been reprinted hence lowering the value.

i remember when yugioh first started the trophy was the millennium puzzle as for now im not so sure about it.the prize just like the pokemon trophy card people got at worlds yugioh was almost the same get a trophy boxes of yugioh cards and a special yugioh card that was designed for the winner of the tournament.when those cards were sold they went for about 5k-20k depending which card it was mostly.

yes, as for the japanese cards there are only very few real “trophy” cards, like these:

www.ygo-card.de/result_pic.php?htm_nr=%28T1-01%29 (2 exist, worth est. 20.000$ )
www.ygo-card.de/result_pic.php?htm_nr=%28T1-02%29 (4 exist)
www.ygo-card.de/result_pic.php?htm_nr=%28T1-03%29 (6 exist)
www.ygo-card.de/result_links.php?htm_set=%28VP%29 (each numbered from 0 to 50)
www.ygo-card.de/result_pic.php?htm_nr=%28WT2-001%29 (limited to 1000)
www.ygo-card.de/result_pic.php?htm_nr=%28WT1-001%29 (limited to 400)
www.ygo-card.de/result_pic.php?htm_nr=%28WT2-002%29 (limited to 100)

My main issue with YGO is with the card layout. For a complex game, there’s only a tiny box for the rules text, and the entire card design looks suspiciously like a 14 year old spent 3 minutes on it. The current MTG shows you how it’s done!

On a less bitchy note, good for YGO retaining the value of their trophy cards. If only MTG and Pokemon did the same…

were’s the cyber stein trophy card :thinking:

Well I just wanted to count some japanese trophys, cyber stein is an english one.
I have a Top20 rarest YGO card list with descriptions and estimated worth, but it’s in German so if there is any interest I can translate it

Have those cards sold at those prices? And I agree the card layout looks like it was done on Windows 95 paint. They look very common for how rare they are.

if i remember correctly these were some of the sought after rare cards give out to the winners of the tournament

Cyber stein
Crush Card Virus
Gold Sarcophagus
Des Volstgalph

but after awhile konami reprinted these cards to commons and gold rare cards.i still think those are rarer cause of the symbol it has SJC

Reina: great question! And have those cards retained those values? $20,000 is a serious hunk of change :sunglasses: