Ultra rare Yu Gi Oh card on ebay

I know not many of you are interested in yugioh but I just love seeing rare trading cards selling:
This is one of the rarest cards (only 1 or 2 in existence) and its also PSA graded.
It’s close to $7k already… Thats pretty cool in my opinion andI’m curious what it will sell for


That’s really cool. Although I’m a Pokemon man to the core, I’ve got a generic love for card games and like seeing stuff like this. I just can’t imagine that level of excitement that would come with owning something like that. Imagine the Illustrator excitement but reduced to only two of them in existence. Just too cool.

I love watching auctions like these, just to see what kind of price the card(s) go for via auction. I wish I had that kind of money to spend on cards! Haha

About 15 years ago, I was given a couple of Yu-Gi-Oh tournament cards by a guy who had won them in Japan. I don’t know if they are valuable, but I should dig them up just the same.

Thanks for sharing the link. Fun stuff!

Your post brought back some good memories. Years ago I collected a few of the Tokyo Dome Dome participant cards(Tri Horn dragon, Gate Guardian Magician of Black Chaos)…Never had enough money for the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon. It was given to the winners of the DM & DMII tournaments in 1999…2 copies total…From what I can remember, the organizers were expecting a crowd of about 10,000 for the first tournament(DM) but over 50,000 folks showed up, causing a riot which made National headlines.

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I’d forgotten all about that! As big as Pokemon was in Japan, it never reached that “frenzied” level that Yu-Gi-Oh did during its first wave of popularity. Part of that, I think, is that Yu-Gi-Oh appealed to older teen boys, who are generally … shall we say … more rambunctious :grin:

I’m pretty sure those the are the cards that were given to me — the Tokyo Dome cards. The guy who gave them to me had won some sanctioned tournaments (not sure how far he had advanced). We had hired him to judge a Yu-Gi-Oh “open” tournament at our toy store. We had so many kids show up that day, we had to set up tables on the sidewalk in front of the store. The winners received cash prizes, and we also had some giveways from Konami. It was a blast!

Those were the waning days of the store, though. Within a few months, we closed the doors and dedicated the entire space to our publishing operations.

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Great to hear about your experience. Not sure why Yu-Gi-Oh never caught on in the U.S like Pokémon. I checked Ebay and saw a few of my cards still have a little value($40 to $75). If the Yu-Gi-Oh cards you were given are from those early tournaments and from higher placings, they may be worth a few hundred each. Hope you find a good one…



Well the card sold for $11k… Thats pretty cool IMO…
But imagine there was a pokemon card with only 2 copies, I guess It’d sell for much more

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I’ve had insane offers on my set. But it is not an equal comparison as they are a set.

Yes but the artwork was used again on the other pikas…
I just think its cool that there are a lot of different one (or two) of a kind yu gi oh cards with unique artwork

I have to say, i love seeing collectables like this just out of interest. I know next to nothing about yu gi oh but its still nice to see what they’re ‘trophy’ cards are.

yugioh was popular when it hit state side but not as going crazy miles for pokemon was guttering.but yugioh did have some high end cards back in the early days during the tournaments they had.

I was never really into YUGIOH; but I remember it being really popular with kids while I was in the 4th Grade. We would have our own “tournaments” during recess. Those were the days :blush: haha

I also remember some of those cards being worth A LOT of money back in the day! However that craze really did not last long at all.

yea they were but yugioh in the past few years have reprinted almost every single card even the high end ones at least a good amount of times now devaluing alot of their older cards.but the original high end cards like the SJC cards cyberstein,crush card virus, they still maintain a good value but not as before their reprints in the newer sets.but I think the most valuable card atm would be Tyler the great warrior since it was made for a kid for make a wish foundation

I have to disagree. There is a lot of interest for the original 1st ed cards from the first sets (from LOB to AST mainly)… BEWD, Exodia, REBD are the face of the game and are really sought after, nobody cares how many times they had been reprinted. And I didn’t mentioned the TPs, the GBI promos and a lot of other interesting cards.

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Did you really reply to a 7 year old thread


Dude, you just replied to a 7 year old comment.

But before this gets locked, what was the originial card that @pokeg posted in the OP? Anyone remember?


As someone who was actively playing and collecting during this time period, this 7 year old comment is time accurate. During that time most of those old cards were not that valuable and there was no precedent that they would ever go up. The constant reprints were legitimately decreasing the value of the original cards believe it or not. 1st ed cards were not worth that much either. I bought a 1st ed dark magician glossy that should grade about an 8 for $20. Yes that is correct only $20. Hindsight is 2020 but back then there were no indications that any of those cards would really rise to anything substantial and that collectors would heavily value the original printings versus the reprinted versions in sets that were out at the time like Yugi’s World.


Based on what I’m seeing in the original messages i think it might be this card:


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