Yugioh collectors

This may get a few frowns from members here but who collects yugioh cards?

I initially grew up with pokemon but never knew how to play the game, yugioh was my first card game I learnt and played.

Here’s my collection


awesome! im about to start getting into yu gi oh. feel the price point on vintage is still accessible. thanks for sharing!

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A lot of people here collect yugioh, including me.
Be careful with sealed product. Tons of rewraps out there.


Hi, I’m a yugioh collector. My favourites are italian sealed products and 1st ed secret rares. Nice to see a 1st ed MFC in nice conditions. :blush:

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What I would do to crack those bad boys and take a trip back to 2003

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Beautiful Sealed collection!
Dark Magician Girl might be lurking in that MFC box :wink:

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dang, those 1st edition boxes :heart_eyes:

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I also never played the Pokémon TCG, but I’ve played the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG quite often with my little brother and friends, or online. Still have more than 5,000 Yu-Gi-Oh cards lying around (including duplicates unlike Pokémon, since I needed three copies of some cards in almost every deck when playing, unlike for collecting where I only need a single copy).

I still collect one of every rarity in Yu-Gi-Oh including OCG and misprints. Here is my current checklist to see all existing rarity types in Yu-Gi-Oh (a.f.a.i.k.; if anyone sees any missing or has one of the ones I still need, let me know).


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I don’t collect much for Yugioh, but for the sake of nostalgia I plan to keep these two items in my collection indefinitely.


Which is the base set box of yugioh?

None of those. (Blue Eyes White Dragon)

I collect both Yugioh and Pokemon with the former as my main focus. I still watch the anime and follow the new sets but I don’t play. My priority is collecting 1st Ed. Ghost Rares:

Here’s a bunch of Blue-Eyes. It’s insanity that the value of PSA 10 SDK-001 shot from $400 to $2k recently on Ebay.

I have a couple more areas of interest besides Ghost Rares that you can look into in my PSA Showcase, the link’s in the footer.

When I saw this thread I was like “Heyyyy! It’s our time to shine!”


whats a good resource for learning about yugioh? i find the different english sets and printings daunting.

the yugioh wikia probably in terms of card/set release history. You can search a card and it will provide a list+gallery of all of its prints. Its the yugioh version of bulbapedia.
If you’re a fan of the cards and characters of the original anime series, everything you are interested in most likely resides within LOB-AST sets and promos produced between 2002-2004 as these are the original English konami tcg prints for most of these cards.

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Did it? Oh boy. Time to go digging.


A lot of yugioh cards are shooting up in price right now – especially the early years. The most recent sale of a PSA 10 1st Ed. LOB-001 Blue-Eyes, sold by one of our very own members, was 6k. Only a few months ago, they were selling for 2k.

I don’t quite understand the spike in SDK blue-eyes, though, as there’s a lot of copies floating around and they’re guaranteed in every deck. Might be a knee-jerk reaction to the recent price hikes in general for old yugioh products, or might just be a testament to how popular BEWD is compared to all of the other cards.

The sdk blew is crazy price at 2k. It’s a guaranteed cars with heaps of sealed product left.

I envy your ghost rare collection… just need a black rose dragon and honest and you’d have all of the ghost rare that I want.

Beautiful pickups, lovely.

I started collecting Yu-Gi-Oh only a few years ago, but it’s definitely alot of fun and has alot darker and cool artwork than persey pokemon

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Black Rose was available very briefly a few days ago but unfortunately I missed it as someone bought it very quickly, the price on it keeps hitting higher and higher :sob:

That’s funny because I’m the opposite, I like the cheerful atmosphere of Pokemon cards.