Champion Road 2000 trophy cards


I would like to know if there exist better pictures of the Champion Road 2000 trophy cards, Thanks!

EDIT: Yes!

Now we can update this topic with high quality pictures of the No.2 trophy card:

No.2 trophy

Credits go to sbc3305 on YJA


Wow these are sexy!! Although this question seems better suited for @smpratte lol :blush:

Those are pretty darn cool!

I have those! Only joking! These may be prototypes and have never been released. If these do indeed exist, they would most likely be one of the most rarest trophy cards in existence. In 20 years these are the only pictures I’ve seen of these cards. I do hope they exist and popup for sale on yahoo Japan.


Just out of curiosity, do we have anyone in this forum who has worked at WOTC or Pokemon International during a time where there was production occurring of any of the card sets?

The OG solid gold card.

I forgot to respond to this earlier. There has not been any further information on these cards, at least to my knowledge.

However, recently one of the most prolific Japanese players posted a photo of their trophy cards. Included was one from the early 2000’s era that has not been documented:



Wow! First time I’ve seen this photo. Thanks for posting this!


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To add just a little context, the image smpratte posted is Tsuguyoshi Yamato’s collection of trophies and event materials. He is the textbook Japanese competitor. In it since the beginning and hasn’t sold a single thing. He shared this photo on Facebook on October 23rd of this year so it should be almost entirely up to date.

In the past, when he has been selling some other stuff and had his personal cards for display, people would ask what he wanted for them and he would name a crazy high price. If you accepted or entertained the idea seriously he would smile, laugh, and name a higher price. So it is safe to say that none of the cards he has provided pictures of will ever be for sale.

Can someone explain the unknown card to the noob here? (As in exactly which one is it?)

Is that jumbo one the unknown card? It’s the only one I haven’t seen before. Awesome photo tho ^^

Same here I was wondering which is the unknown card :confused:

I think it’s the one on the right, but it may be the one on the left.

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We already knew about both of them. Not sure if I have seen Yamamotos 2002 (e-reader) card with his photo but I have a picture of one of the winners 2002 “photo-trophy”.

Anyone else have those weird butterflies in your stomach of knowing these exist and you will probably never own one.

I want to throw up


I hope he keeps them out of the sun area.

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The one on the left was photographed before in the past. It is the Ho-oh version of this card.

I have never seen a photo of the one on the right. It is most likely from this tournament.

Think I found a close up of one of the cards :blush: