Trophies and Promo's

Here is a descent selling update

No. 1 Trainer

No. 1 Trainer

No. 2 Trainer

No. 2 Trainer

2006 Championship Arena

There will be blood

You got a spare no.1 trainer to sell?? Where did you get that? :blush:

Long story :confused:

Basically I bid for someone who did not have money, and here we are!

I thought you weren’t bidding on it for anyone. Anyway I always make sure I get paid up front before I bid on it. Then refund if they get out bid.

Yeah it was after I sent you that message. I have sold to the person before, but it was last minute. I think I can get my money back on it, perhaps get someone interested in both No.1 and No. 2.

If I wasn’t broke I could use a number 2. I have a 1 and the ssb 3…but I think im a while off from buying a second place :slightly_frowning_face: im sure you will get a good price on them.

If you don’t give the Meowth/Stantler to DJ, that is an auto ban from UPCCC

(seriously; hold it for him unless he no longer wants it)

That was my intention :blush:

Cool. OK I officially hate you both now for completing the Pal Cities. Wow I am doing lots of hating recently.

Am I allowed to initiate a Pal City/Crystal Pokemon tax on people? :thinking:

DJ: does this count as repaying you finding me the 5th movie deck?

100 billion dollars (pinky to mouth).

But seriously whatever you think is reasonable. I paid $40 a piece for the last one’s I needed so literally anything above is ok!

Yay, good for you Scott! Wow, half the mod team have a full set now. If only I was in that half!

Cally and I will need to find something else to make you jealous about! Mwahahahahaha! :grin:

Dogma you have a job, a good job, that is more than enough to make me jealous :blush:


I was joking! I love you all really!!

If we could do $45 just to cover international shipping that would be fine!

:blush: :wink: :grin: ;D ;D :grin: :wink: :blush:

Eeeek! Take your email down - it’s a public forum!

What email :blush:


@smpratte - Whoa! You have an extra [2002 Battle Road No. 1 Trainer]? May I ask what price you obtained it for? Is tempted to make an offer x)