Want to trade for(or buy) SSB Mewtwo Trophys

Hey everyone, this is my favorite trophy of them all, I am looking to get a 1st place one, but am willing to trade/buy any/all of them :blush:

As to what I have to trade my list is as follows

Full Daisuki Club Japanese Promos(All sealed)

Full Pokemon Players Club Japanese Promos(Mostly sealed)

Full Japanese Fan Club Promos(Magikarp with all original packaging)

Mew Victory Orb

Full Japanese Coro Coro Promo set

Mysterious Pearl

Miracle Diamond

Full Japanese Neo Destiny Set(Including shinings)

Money $$$

If anyone is willing to trade/sell me one of these (smpratte :stuck_out_tongue:), I’m sure something could be worked out as to where everyone is happy. Also, I have multiples of the players club and daisuki sets(3 players club, 2 daisuki to be exact)

I was the very first person to grade an SSB No.1 trophy Scott was the second. I really wish I knew where mine went to if it went anywhere at all outside of the Silvestros’ greedy hands :angry:

No one will trade for that card unless you have like say a TMB No.1 PSA-10 another card lost goddamn it!

alright calm down Will, calm down…

I had purchased mine for $7.8k this was when all these cards were still ‘underground’.

You do have an impressive collection and I would buy it but then I would be homeless and in debt :slightly_frowning_face:

crazypokemon has a no 2 but I dont think you guys like him

Yep, that is not relevant if we do or not, the card is just worth too much to let go. Even if a no 3 (which would be the cheapest out of all of them) sells for 2k just finding one at all is so difficult. Even if the trade is even on money with those cards, the ssb is so difficult to find/obtain that is still wouldnt be worth it.

But I am not selling mine sorry. It took me a long time to get all three of them, but I do agre that they are my favorite Trophy card as well (mewtwo is my favorite pokemon).

But you should ask crazy he might actually sell it.

I hope someone buys that SSB No.2 from him, though he likely wouldn’t sell it, in fact he probably lost the card in his couch when he was watching ‘professional-wrestling’ or some other mindless entertainment :slightly_smiling_face: :stuck_out_tongue:

I know I just posted but why I am now a ‘charmeleon’ :open_mouth:

He told me he got it for 1800 so he might sell it cheper than 5000

Ah ok thank you for letting me know someone who has this :blush:, I am surely going to look into it

Wil, I changed it so that how many posts people make they will evolve in the next stage. I think I will change it once in awhile just to have fun with it :blush:

does you victory mew have the case on it


how much would u part miracle diamond for?

magic - Unfortunately its not :slightly_frowning_face:, I wish it was

jason - I’m not really looking to sell that at the moment, only looking to include it in a trade deal for a different trophy card

palkia and dialga arena, victory ring?

No thank you magic, I already have those, unless you mean the pikachu victory ring, which I don’t have and am looking to trade for.

Also to everyone else, I don’t want to make an entire new topic so I’ll just post here. Next week after I get things sorted out, I am selling a large portion of my non-trophy/very rare cards. Mostly japanese with a few american cards in the mix, I will get pictures posted up once its all sorted. Everyone here gets first picks at them before ebay :blush:. Lots of things to help build up or finish off a specific collection for everyone interested. Almost every single rare and holo from base set thru neo destiny, with multiples of 90% of them at very generous prices, so check back for the update :grin:

hey I already have base to neo 4 covered (except one card), you have any Japanese ADV/EX series cards you have doubles of?

pyro: post a full list when you can, that’ll stop people guessing what you have, and you should have a few people interested :blush: