Trophy cards on ebay!

JP-Jun is selling an impressive lot of trophies such as: Trophy Championships League 2006, No.2 SSB, No.3 Trophy Pikachu from 04 and 1999 Tropical wind. As usual prices are a little high :stuck_out_tongue:

wow lota great cards selling at one place.

Yeah I just ran across them! I actually purchased my no 1 97 trainer from him, he knows someone in japan who he is selling them for.

I want that SSB so damn bad lol.

haha he has had it for awhile. He went off ebay for sometime and I guess he is back. I think they are a friend of his.

Nope, still there :stuck_out_tongue:

I would totally swipe it to annoy Persin but that is a lot of money to pull a prank on someone I don’t even know :confused: :wink:

ah this is so hard. I want to place on that SSB(SSB is my favorite trophy cards) but i’m not sure i can afford it now that im the running for the 9th lucky stadium lol, what do you guys think he would accept on it?

you could put in an offer between 1.5 to 2 k on it. That’s fair. I know what I paid for the 3rd place and it was still a pretty penny.

omg those trophy cards and those NEO 4 shiny cards.i would totally want to buy those shinys but wonder how low will he go on those

I just asked him, he is only going a few hundred lower. He said persin already got at him about the no 3, and he has a couple offers from japan on the ssb, one being 2.5k and he turned it down, his own words “suspended the offer”.

The guys english is not the best, but he is holding out for a solid offer :blush:

Do you know if it’s Persin who bought?

Wow, I’m impressed that there is so much interest still in these cards and people who are willing to shell out the money for them. I would have never guessed with the way the economy is that people would still be making offers over the 2 grand mark.

I know i was surprised. But I agree with dj, I knew the no 3 would go instantly. The 2004 trophies are the most sought after. The text is different, the logo is on the opposite side on the bottom, and it is the first of those english pika trophies.

Maybe i’ve been living under a rock but who is Persin? All i know is he is some big collector? (I’ve used context clues) :grin:

He owns the largest english collection of cards. He has almost every trophy from every year (pika 1,2 and 3 trainers). And every promo including sample set and the pre release raichu.

It is pretty impressive, but I have always bugged him to go after japanese cards, that would be quite a feat!

Thats impressive, someone has some deep pockets. Hahaha if he went after the japanese cards it would be undoubtedly the best collection ever assembled.

wow someone actually has all the pika trophies dang.very surprised that the 04 trophy was sold since Yamamto topped those 2 years at worlds

Money talks :wink:

How amazing would it be if he got all of them? He is so close!

Why is he not on these boards? :thinking: I guess though, our focus is Japanese and not English cards…