Want Japanese Promos!!!

I need a number of Japanese promos. I will list them below. I will pay via paypal. Looking for mint cards only!!!

Jr Rally promos
Play promos (especially Mew ex, Jolteon*, and Flareon*)
Natta Wake promos
Trainers Magazine promos 10, 14-21 (These are my priority right now. Still Missing 17, 18 & 20)
2002 Lottery Charizard and Meganium
McDonalds e-reader holos
Shining Imakuni
Dance Imakuni
Coro Coro Imakuni
GB Dragonite
Vending Quick Starter Gift Box holos (Scyther, Zapdos, Moltres, Articuno, Master Ball)
perhaps I need a Fan Club Eevee or Magikarp…

I have a grand party, a JR Surfing Pikachu and Shining Imakuni. Message if interested :blush:

i have fan club porygon, and the mc donald eseries holos pm me if interested :blush:

I’ve got:

Trainers Magazines 14 & 15 with promos still sealed
Grand Party Trainer
Shining Imakuni
Fan Club Porygon

Let me know if you have an interest…


Avalanche1313, how much were you looking to get for the Trainer Mags or Fan Club Porygon?

sent you a PM

I’ve got the Dance Imakuni factory-sealed with the CD. Plus lots of other promos and rare goodies, include the 1990s-era Teach cards. If interested, send me a PM.