WTB: Melee! Pokemon Scramble Cards + Misc.

Hello, UPCCC!

I am looking to complete my Japanese Melee! Pokémon Scramble Card Set. I need to acquire the following cards:

• Venusaur [001/016]
• Ninetales [003/016]
• Heatran [004/016]
• Pikachu [007/016]
• Zapdos [008/016]
• Mewtwo [009/016]
• Lucario [012/016]
• Skuntank [013/016]
• Eevee [017/016]
• Pachirisu [018/016]
• Croagunk [019/016]

If anyone currently possesses these cards and wishes to sell them, feel free to send me a private message :blush:

P.S. – The last three cards were exclusively released in an unknown promotion via the Pokémon Daisuki Club. Ergo, [017 - 019] are extremely rare. I don’t expect anyone to possess these elusive treasures, yet if you know their whereabouts that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you :heart:


Mew (English, BW 98)

Pokémon Pal City Stadium Set

Pokémon Pal City Magby and Numel

2010 Shiny Pokémon Present Campaign Set

• Entei [062/L-P]
• Suicune [063/L-P]
• Raikou [064/L-P]


• Gastly [:thinking:/093]
• Pichu [:thinking:/093]
• Pikachu [:thinking:/093]

^ If anyone knows the numbers for the aforementioned cards, please let me know!

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Those would be lovely additions Tara if you could get the SRs

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@pokemontrader – Thank you very much! I would certainly be excited if Eevee, Pachirisu, and Croagunk were in my collection :blush:

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I heard the eevee was traded for a trophy kangaskhan on pokebeach a couple years back. I think that’s the one you might be referring to. I personally don’t know if the trade did ever happen or not.

Gah! I didn’t know that there was a Japanese “Rumble” variant! Now I need the Gyarados Scramble card for my collection!

I tried doing a search for the cards you’re looking for but there doesn’t seem to be any site really offering them for sale. I’m guessing you’ll have to be opportunistic when they do pop up so I’ll keep an eye out for them.

I’ll let you know if I see anything.

The card collector has some for sale on his website including Gyarados - www.thecardcollector-uk.com/Scramble+Set+PVFqTnhBVE02a25jdmRXWjBGMlk

Thanks for posting that. Usually he has this kind of stuff listed on Ebay so I didn’t think he had it.

Geez, he has the Snap Cards AND these? What doesn’t he have?

@ UPCCC – Thank you very much for your assistance, I greatly appreciate it :blush:

EDIT: I have updated my list to include other cards required to complete certain sets.