Pokemon Scramble Set

Does anyone know how the Japanese Pokemon Scramble Set was obtained? and how much it’s worth?

Trying to look for a complete 19-card Pokemon Scramble set, but couldn’t find any.

The Card Collector has them for cheap, only about 2-3 are out of stock but they should be relatively easy to find:


I’m more interested in #17-19

I’ve never ever seen 17-19 before, so good luck!


The Pachirisu is apparently like nonexistent :blush:

I have 1-16 sealed if you’re interested.

I heard someone on pokebeach used to have the eevee but he traded it for a trophy card iirc it was a trophy kangaskhan but not 100% sure if that trade happened or not.

I seen this card floating around on ebay a couple months back

You sure it was the scramble promo? If I saw it I would’ve bought straight away.

Yeah… I’m 100% sure… I should had bought it… It was BIN… and was gone within an hour or so if I remember correctly

Do you know what the BIN price was?

I have been seeking the eevee from the japanese set forever. It’s almost impossible to find. :confused: that’s all I want out of it.