Pokemon Rumble Cards


So thanks to legendslugia and bulbapedia, I was able to figure out that the Rumble Game set came with all 16 cards in the set.

But I still have some questions:

  1. Is it cheaper to buy all the cards individually or just get the sealed box?

  2. The Japanese version is labeled Melee! Pokemon Scramble. Does anyone know where I can find these cards and for how much?

  3. With the Japanese set, Daisuki Club released 3 extra cards that fit in with the set, but were not printed in with the English set. Bulbapedia says that there were only 100 sets of the 3 cards distributed. What would the value for these 3 cards be then?

Jimmy Hume ~ The Card Collector UK, has all or most of the Japanese Scramble cards individually. He is currently doing up his website so if they are not listed send him a message. He has thousands of cards that he doesn’t list so it’s worth a shot.

So that’s who this Jimmy Hume I always hear about it. Yeah, he always has good cards up for auction. Thanks for the advice!


I have never seen the Eevee for sale.

But you’ve seen Croagunk and Pachirisu for sale?

if your looking for the english one the box isnt that much but if its japanese you will spend a pretty penny

I brought my set for $20 a couple of years ago (both Japanese and English) :x

What would you value them at?


Well frankly I wouldn’t pay anymore than $30 for the set, factoring in inflation. It’s not a very rare set in my experience, at least the English one isn’t. A quick look on E-bay shows the English set between $13 and $30.

I wouldn’t pay anymore than that for the Japanese set, either.

Even if the box displays the cards differently, you still get a complete set in a box, right?

That tripped me out for a second too, but yeah, you do :stuck_out_tongue:

I know the English one is cheap. I can either get it off of Mint.com for like $21 shipped or this one seller on Ebay has it at like $12 or BO with $9.99 shipping. They declined my offer of $10 >.> So, I’m gonna give a second offer of $10.01 :grin:

well the rumble box is pretty hard to find now though.i still can find it at a store i know for 9.99 plus tax.i dont know if they were widely avaliable or certain stores had them but i saw very little being sold

Is it a chain store or just a local store?

local store in the city i know since barely anyone goes there for pokemon items

Oh, okay. Would you mind buying it for me and shipping it to me? It would only cost like $5-6 to ship cause it can’t weight that much. If it does, I’d be fine with you just mailing the 16 cards, cause that would only cost a few bucks.

Lemme know if you’re interested :blush:

I’ll let you know tommorrow when i go pick it up to find out the total for it

Hopefully the Japanese set but most likely the English set :laughing:

its the english set the japanese set i have rarely seen here in the states

How would you be able to tell if a Japanese set has the extra 3 cards?