non existent cards

So I have been collecting eevee’s and eeveelutions for quite a while now. Some cards are really rare and go for a lot of money, but that is okay as long as we know it is out there. the espeon and umbreon lottery cards are a good example.


Something is annoying me. And it has something to do with these:

being from either a Japanese press conference or a unknown giveaway. I have been stalking these two cards for a few years now and never have I ever encounter one. I have looked into honderds of collections, been across a lot of auction sites. Even been looking in Japan itself. But no trace of these cards what so ever.

Which is weird imo. The rumble eevee was a giveaway and there should be 100 of these cards available. At least one should have surfaced right ?.

At this point I feel like I am in some sort of national treasure movie. Looking for something that does not even exist.

My questions are: Is there anyone here that know if one of these cards exist or any of the cards in Japanese press conference at all. Same goes for the rumble set which should have 3 additional cards. If I can only have one piece of certainty that would be enough.

The other question: Are there more cards out there like this. Cards that should exist somewhere, yet have never been surfaced before?

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@woolsluk I think had some info on the Rumbles not sure if any have surfaced though

The first e-card Eevee exists :wink:

@linkdu83 Do you have more information about this? Correct me if I am wrong, but this picture was taken at the conference itself. So what if it is a one of a kind card? If so, then it would probably laying in a Nintendo fault, or maybe even destroyed :sob:

Anyway, I was not planning a nintendo fault heist anytime soon :wink: :slightly_smiling_face:

In fact your picture come from this picture:

These cards were sold in novembre 2014 on YJA.


Regarding the first, it’s part of the Sample 1 set. I’m not sure if they’ve ever been released to the public, but they do exist.

I’m also on the lookout for the two Pikachus (Sample Set 1 and 2)…

Apart from these two pictures from Bulbapedia, I’ve never seen nor heard about them. At Bulbapedia it states the following for the Sample 1 set though (of which the Eevee you’ve linked is also part of):

So who knows, maybe we come across it in the future one day. Although, if it pops up on eBay or Japan Yahoo it will probably end up way too expensive for me anyway…


:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Great, so now I also have to look for that Neo Genesis one, as well as both Sample sets…

Thanks a lot for showing it though! :blush:

EDIT: Dangit… Why do they have to be numbered, that means every single one of them is an unique card regarding my collection goals. (Yes, I know I might never get these, but my collection Excel contains all existing cards, not just easily obtainable ones.)

@linkdu83, do you have the link of where it was sold? Or know how much they went for?


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@linkdu83 omg :face_with_spiral_eyes: :face_with_spiral_eyes: you are my new hero ! Seeing these pictures filled me with hope and joy. You absolutely made my day. Do you know what is up with those different borders? I wonder how expensive one of these bad boys are.

I will not rest until the day I can finally add one to my collection.

Many thanks :blush:


I was talking about these borders, one being clean yellow and the other with decoration?


I have no idea sorry, but the cards are probably test cards, so they tried different things on them ^^

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It appears only one of those Eevee is scanable through the e-reader. Further giving credence to the fact these are samples or a test run. Pretty cool!

With regards to the rumble card it was released in a set of three alongside pachirisu and croagunk via the daisuke club. I think they were given out at the same time the main rumble set was released. The thing with the cards is despite looking I’ve never been able to find a picture of one other than the bulbapedia scans or any idea of anyone who may own one. I’m not even sure if they were given out as a three or individually. If I had a better grasp of Japanese and a few sources though I’m sure I could find some info but alas I am a monolingual sourceless fool… The cards are perhaps some of the most elusive in the hobby.


very nice to see ^.^

@woolsluk I think it is really intresting though. I mean, let’s say that there are 100 of each card. 100 times 3 would then be 300. So you tell me that of these 300 cards, none have surfaced. Maybe @japanime can enlighten us about these cards? Do we even know if they exist? Because i think they dont exist at all.

Is there anyone, that can confirm the existence of these cards? Again, even if it is only a picture.

I cant believe that a card like pokemon illustrator has surfaced a few times. But that cards like these never have. Even if there were only 100 of each. Heck, even if there where 10 of each.

I quote from bulbapedia: “The Pokémon Daisuki Club released three additional secret cards via an unknown promotion”. How can a promotion with 300 cards be simply unknown? At least someone should know what the promotion was right? At least someone got these cards right?

If it was a promotion then there should be at least something in some sort of archive. Believe me or not but this card keeps me awake at night.

I dont care if it is worth 10000 dollars. As long as i know it is out there im fine with it. At least i can sleep with the idea that i am not hunting any ghosts.

I have never seen these test cards before. pretty goddamn cool.

Damn, now more people to fight with over the test Pikachu’s if they ever go up for sale again… quit linking those pictures! x)


I genuinely think they were maybe intended for release but never made however I have no proof or reason to.think it other than the lack of info. If you look at the photos on bulba you can see that they appear to be off of something so like a scan of a photo rather than photos or scans of the actual cards. Why this is interesting is if you can find whatever those scans are from you may be able to find more info on the set if it is a promo piece of some sort.

@woolsluk look what I found today :heart_eyes: Took me 10 hours, browsing japanese websites but this proofs that they exist


And then they say I’m determined regarding my collecting goals. :slightly_smiling_face:

Well done! Where did you eventually found this picture? (And can you read Japanese, or did you use Google Translate all the way?)


@quuador slamming al kinds of japanese words together in google images, browsing miles of images and suddenly it was there. Better yet, i found another one !