Pokémon TCG Picture Dump

Hi all,

This is just an idea I recently got (inspired by this post of @linkdu83 stating “I will leave here the paper given with the PokéDude and Larousse’s Munchlax prize cards just in case someone search information about these cards in the future!”). There are so many extremely rare cards for which we’ve only seen a couple of images. Most of these images can be found in forgotten threads here on the forum, or other articles. Cards like the SNAP Photo Contest cards, Sample cards, English VS cards, the three unknown Japanese Rumble cards, the 50cm Base Set 2 cards, etc. etc.
I, and many others here on the forum, saved images of these rare sights on their local PC, and share them every now and then when a relevant topic comes up.

Although it may be a bit random, I thought about just dumping all these images here at one single place, in separated categories. Not only so we have one place to search them for, but mainly as a way to preserve these images. Some collectors in the past might have saved these kind of images as well, but then left the hobby, and no one will ever see these images again. To prevent this in the future, I wanted to just store all these images here in this thread.
It will probably be a pretty chaotic and unstructured thread at first, but I hope to give additional information, link to sources, and make this a single thread where you would be able to find all known pictures of certain extremely elusive/rare cards.

***If anyone think this is a bit too chaotic and unstructured let me know, then I’ll delete or change it based on feedback.***Oh, and of course: provide any pictures (preferably with sources) you’ve saved on your PC or as links of anything noteworthy to share. Here are some of the pictures I have saved on my local PC (of which a lot of them are from various members from here on the forum, like @linkdu83 , @2htu2 , @mavericknate , etc.)
I will save every image you guys/girls post on my local PC, and re-upload them to imgur to add to this ‘article’ with spoiler tags. I’ve also added the sources and search-tags so someone in search of information will find images here.

I don’t think I have to add this warning, but just in case: Don’t open the spoilers on a (mobile) network with limited internet!!..

For now I haven’t added pictures for which we’ve already have articles, like the SNAP Photo Contest card; Prerelease Raichu; Chinese POP promos; and such. Might add those as well some day, but for now I’ve kept with categories/images which were randomly spread in general thread over the years.

Sample cards:

SPOILER: Click to show

Sources:- www.elitefourum.com/t/unreleased-e-reader-cards/10872/1

Search Tags: Sample; Pokémon Sample; E-reader Sample; Sample Pikachu; Sample Pichu; Sample Eevee; Sample Abra; Sample Caterpie; Sample Clefairy; Sample Spearow; Sample Dratini; Sample Oddish; Sample Psyduck; Sample Wartortle;


SPOILER: Click to show

Sources:- www.elitefourum.com/t/non-existent-cards/15363/1

Search Tags: Rumble; Pokémon Rumble; Japanese Rumble; Rumble Eevee; Rumble Pachirisu; Rumble Croagunk;

English/Italian/German VS Series:

SPOILER: Click to show


Search Tags: Pokémon VS Series; English Pokémon VS

Uncut Sheets:

SPOILER: Click to show


Sources:- www.ebay.com/itm/263175085416?clk_rvr_id=1317363305231

Search Tags: Uncut Sheet; Japanese Uncut Sheet; Fossil Uncut Sheet; Base Uncut Sheet; Jungle Uncut Sheet;

Teach Sets:
Removed pictures, and moved to a separate article: Japanese Teach/Tryout Sets
Search Tags: Pokémon Teach Sets;

SPOILER: Click to show


Search Tags: Pokémon Poster; PokéDude Daisuki;

Misc / Uncategorized:

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Search Tags: Blank Cards; Shadowless Machamp unlimited edition; Miniature Phone Charm; 50cm; Ultra Jumbo; 2 meters; Ultimate Jumbo



Good idea, I have a lot of pictures collected for some years in folders on my computer (but unfortunately I do not keep sources…).

I would participate if you find a better way to share all these resources, because a simple thread here will be quickly chaotic.

You should do a kind of database with the possibility to add some information to the pictures, add some tags, etc.

Well, even though I’m a software developer, websites with large picture databases; nice UI; proper OWASP+ security; and good performance searching is not really my expertise… Otherwise I would have created a Pokémon related website a long time ago, instead of posting threads like this or this here on the forum. Most of the things I think are worth sharing I do here, and/or I make a small alter on an existing Bulbapedia page.

And I agree this above isn’t ideal. I also had my doubts when creating it, hence the:

Ideally I would like a Pokémon Card database similar to the TwistyPuzzles Museum. There you can search for every twisty puzzle known, read a short description and see pictures. Would be awesome if we could have something similar for every Pokémon card known to man.

Bulbapedia is the closest thing we have right now, but it’s lacking A LOT regarding niche topics like these above; non-English/non-Japanese cards; and printing variations/errors.


The people at bulbapedia do try and keep the site up to date when it comes to english and japanese sets, but ofc it takes a lot of work and research to have a complete database. I still rely on them for looking up a lot of things, but yeah, not perfect. But it’s easy to get confused over different releases in different countries (like the magikarp target promo being released in the shiny m gyarados box in europe seems to be a thing many American collectors didn’t know about)

But still credit where it is due, they still do a good job I think.
Though ofc it would be amazing if we could get full lists off all lesser known/rare cards here :grin: i’m currently going after mini sets like mcdonalds, cereal promo’s, etc, but the info on such sets is very limited.

Awesome idea!

The machamp and frame caught my eye because I cannot see the rarity detail? Can someone point it out xD

It’s an unlimited edition Machamp. All Machamps are printed with 1st edition symbol, but that one isn’t. The only other Base Set Machamp without 1st edition stamp that I know of is the Trainer Deck A version, but that one is also non-holo.


I am pretty sure it is a Legendary Collection Holo Machamp. We cannot see the copyright or either the set symbol because it is covered by the frame, but when you look at the Pokémon Power, it matches with 5 lines instead of 6 for the description. I don’t believe a Base Set non 1st ed Machamp exists, I am sorry people :grin:

Legendary Collection:

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Ah, forgot about the Legendary Collection one… I got the picture from @missingno, do you have any other pictures as prove it’s an UED? Hmm wait, the one in the picture does seem like the other holofoil pattern.


He’s right it is the legendary collection one. But the back of the box shows an unlimited version. Also @swolepoke claims there is an unlimited one.

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Oh shoot, lol forgot to let you in on my joke…

I was literally talking about the standard base set Machamp, literally was naming the most common card ever in a thread about the rarest haha…

Sorry man, not such thing exists


It is only an idea but is it work having a seperate image gallery as a sub forum on here the way pokegym.net does.

Alternative to this if it was just image hosting and search is it worth using something like Lychee or piwigo as a host site these are freeware images hosting which has already been created ready for hosting.

They have search functions, tags and album folders.

piwigo seems to be the better of the two.

This will allow all the images to be in 1 location and also allow us to link to the forum when we need to use the images.

@jab2004 We have kicked around the idea of doing a gallery, but it simply isn’t feasible due to time constraints. This site does not generate any revenue. Any staff or members time is simply pro bono. This level of project would be at minimum a committed part time job in itself.

With that said, there are a couple ideas that may materialize in the near future. One of them that has already sprouted is the podcast, which will hopefully continue and grow.

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I’ll dump whatever pics I have when I get home. Also, I’m still working on that spreadsheet of mine for Japanese cards and am planning to include a section for uncategorized cards like these as well. It’s only for Japanese collections atm but it might be worth taking a look for ideas on how to present all of these cards in an organized manner. :wink:

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Did any of the rumble cards surface already ? I am still looking for that damn eevee

One showed up on yahoo Japan, was bought instantly, graded a 10 and… it’s gone now to a collector and will probably never see the light of day again.


Nice, can’t wait to see them!

Swiss. Bank. Vault.

Was probably the only chance to collect all Eevees in PSA 10…

There was this one post with exclusive stamped distributor promos that noone had seen before. I have the link to the post but it says I dont have access to it. Maybe someone still have pictures of these they wanna dump or have access to the post?

@smpratte do you still plan on making a video/releasing some info about these? Not sure but i think i remember you saying a while back something to do with them was planned?

As a random side note, I found the original listing for the melee trio.

SPOILER: Click to show