All possible Pikachu cards - any help is appreciated!

I’ve uploaded the pictures of all the Pikachu cards I own at the moment. I’m missing some obvious ones and some unique rares. I’ll try to have a list soon and I might even create a website dedicated to it. Trainer or non-pikachu cards, featuring pikachu somehow, are not included (yet).

I hope you guys like them.

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I have 2 different Pokemon Day Pikachu Promos… Do you live in the US?

[Edit] Nvm… You have those 2 already.

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Thanks anyway :blush:

Love your collection that’s great! Looking for a Natta Wake Pikachu? I have a couple I’m thinking of selling.

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Isn’t there a Snap Pikachu

I know your asking Jason, but I’ll just answer. Yes there is. I mentioned this in another forum. If your trying to collect all the cards of a particular pokemon and it includes the snap card, I think realistically you have to exclude that from your list. But I think collecting all Pikachu cards anyway may end up being near impossible. There are so freaking man. Just get the ones you like and want :blush:

Would you be willing to trade? Or what is your asking price. Of all the pikachu it’s one of my most wanted.

I’ll pm you

Bravo !

It’s a beautiful collection, but it will be better if you organise it, add the card’s name and twist a lot of pictures :wink:

I know, and I will :wink:

Yeah I know, mostly I want to collect as many languages as possible. To create a source for how many languages the tcg was released. Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, German, French, Dutch, Japanese, English.

PROMO PIKACHU Emerald 60/106 Reverse French stamp green

Do you have a picture?

There is also this japanese promo card (on the left) :

Pikachu card from magazine GOTTA :blush:

I have that one. It’s glossy right? Weired for a french card I thought. But you guys talked about it on this forum before. :blush:

Same card I assume ? :wink:

Okay, nice if you’ve already got one !

I don’t know if it’s glossy or not, because I didn’t pealed the card …

It’s not a french card, text is in french but it’s a japanese card :wink:

On my wishlist :blush:

Oh, are you sure? It might be a different one then. Looking to trade it? Do you have multiples? I don’t mind unpeeled :wink:

Japanese Promotional Pikachu…in French!

I’m not sure, but as the card came in a japanese magazine, I consider it like a japanese card.

Maybe you have the black star version in french (which is a french card and not glossy) ?

Sorry but I keep the card, it is not common :blush:

Yeah, but the language is French. Anyway, I believe I have that one because mine is glossy. That’s also why I thought it was weired that it was French and glossy, but apparently it’s Japanese. It all makes sense now.

pardon my French btw, I’m Dutch and my English isn’t superb. Pun intended :wink:

Just noticed your from France. Could you get your hands on the new French McDonalds Pikachu promo?

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I don’t eat at McDonalds, but I can have one :wink:

The issue is that shiping costs to USA will be higher than price of the card …

(I think we could continue the conversation by PM)