justinator has some Pikachus - Pikachu MERCH!?

Hey all!

Some of you may have stopped by my Wants thread a time or two, and I have a couple people on the site to thank for the help I’ve received in getting some of the Pikachu cards I have been looking for.
You know who you are, and you’re all awesome.

This is an ongoing collection, and one that I’m quite happy with so far!

UPDATE: You can view the entire collection at www.pikachucards.com
This allows you to view all, my needs, view by set, view by language or use the search tab to find any Pikachu card details that exist. I’ve also included links to my Ditto Pikachu’s, Fake Pikachu’s, Custom Pikachu cards, and non-standard errors such as miscuts!

Back Story

Back Story

A while back I was with the Pokemon Club on campus at my University, and we had a “bring your collection” day of sorts. I brought my cards (a decent amount, but nothing like the collections I see on UPCCC (: ) and was looking through some others’ collections while I was there. Someone had a Pikachu I didn’t have (at the time I had something like 20 different Pikachu cards among my overall collection) so I asked them about trading, and ultimately it ended in someone making a comment about how I “had a lot of Pikachus!”. That was really the moment where I thought ‘you know, I think I’d like to actually make a hobby out of collecting rather than just hold on to cards I’ve had since I was young.’ And since then, I’ve added to my Pikachu card collection.

My Collection Guidelines

Collection Guidelines

As my collection has grown over the past year and some, I have chosen to do certain things with it and set some goals. The overall goal was simply put, but not simply achieved: collect one copy of every Pikachu card in existence, across all languages and editions. I also decided that I was not going to only collect PSA graded/GM/M/NM but would leave the quality of card out of my decision to add it to my collection, barring poor condition cards. This has proved to be a solid choice in terms of completion, as it has been a struggle to find good condition cards of certain variations in some languages. In the true long term, I may attempt to upgrade cards by condition as necessary or possible, but that will not be a priority for quite some time.

Some of my collection guidelines were far less influential and more-so aesthetic. Cards would be put into Ultra Pro Pikachu Sleeves and all cards that were not PSA graded would be kept inside Ultra Pro Pikachu Side-loading Binders.

The last decision I made regarding the collection, and probably the one that has made it quite the time-consuming journey, was to document the entire collection in the best detail I could. This meant several things: having a list of all available Pikachu cards, tracking which ones I owned/needed, and having image scans of each. It didn’t take very long to decide that the simplest and most effective solution was to contain it all in an Excel spreadsheet. Ultimately I decided to host it in Google Sheets so that it could be publicly shown when the time came (as it is now).

Other Notes

Other Notes

I would like to say a few things about the collection/spreadsheet before giving the link.

  1. I have put a TON of time and energy into this project and collection. If you would like the spreadsheet you are probably welcome to it, but I’d ask that you PM me for it - for this reason I have disabled copying/printing/duplicating the sheets.

  2. Even though I have put hours of time into this, there are still HOURS more to go - renaming set information into correct corresponding names in their respective languages, updating series information for foreign cards, fixing set release dates or filling in holes, etc. If you see something that isn’t correct you’re welcome to point it out - it’s possible I am aware of it and just haven’t gotten around to fixing it yet.

  3. Rather than only type in links for cards I actually have scans for, I’ve pre-designated links for all cards I would theoretically have in the long run. Any cards that are “On Order” or “Need” should have the link in white text, indicating that there is not a valid scan for that card currently. Similar situation goes for cards that I only have Sealed copies of, although these links will still show blue - there are not going to be valid scan links for those either until I get loose copies.

  4. All scans were resized to 500x694 pixels for ease of loading on internet connections. If you are interested in seeing a larger scan of a particular card/set of cards, feel free to ask as I have the original 1497x2079 scans of all of the cards on my HDD.

  5. The spreadsheet (in my opinion) is pretty intuitive in layout. First tab is the entire collection, where data is entered and used. Second sheet is the overall stats on the collection, broken down by language. Third page is a list of my "Need"s, and after that you can view cards by language (I’ll be editing how this is displayed in the near future - I would like all the card info to be present rather than just card names now, as my use of this has changed slightly).

Without further ado, here is the link to the spreadsheet.

As it stands currently, I am about 77% done with the collection.
Also, once the cards in the mail arrive, I will have all 33 variations of Base Set Pikachu!

Thanks all for reading, checking it out, and being an awesome community in general. Happy to be a part of this place.

If anyone has cards I need and you’d like to help out, feel free to PM me. I’m open to taking a look, though I can’t always guarantee my finances will be in a spot where I can purchase right then.




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@aj1 you have a challenger.

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Well done brother.
Checking out your spread sheet was as much fun as seeing the cards in person:)

@aj1 was one of my inspirations when I first took up this goal (:

Good to hear, I was hoping the effort would be worthwhile!


wow theres like 586+ pIkaz.

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Whoa, just looked over your sheet! That takes so much time and effort to put together, you are a fantastic collector! It’s great to see these collections that really go above and beyond what “the norm” is. Best of luck in the future with your Pikachus!


Thanks fourthstar (:

Incredible collection and goal! Are there any cards you are not including e.g. cards with Pikachu somewhere in the artwork but not main Pokemon etc?

My goal currently is just pikachu cards. Down the road I will probably expand to include cards containing pikachu, victory medal cards, etc but for now it’s not my focus. As you can see in the spreadsheet I’m casually collecting the ditto pikachu cards as well, but not actively.

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Wow Great collection, Crazy amount of Pikachu’s

Completed a “mini set” today, kind of an interesting one.

It’s a complete Common card set from XY.

…except, it’s all LEGO Movie XY promo Pikachu sealed packets. Haha.


Love it…

My son, daughter and I have mcdonalds pikachus with that same artwork.I dont remember how we got them but theyre in our binders!

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Added a few French to the collection today!

Full size image: i.imgur.com/DjD0ed3.jpg


Your spreadsheet is fantastic! I had something similar to that for my collection, but it was far less intuitive and complete compared to yours. I understand what you mean by all the work it takes to just come up with a list. I’ve been constantly double checking and researching to make sure I haven’t missed anything. Even though I thought I had all the cards accounted for, Just recently, the 1999-2000 copyright Base Set in Spanish was brought to my attention. Oh the joys of having a collection of this nature haha

Oh, and if you decide on adding the code variations for the EX sets, that might add about 100 new cards to your collection.

I’m very impressed, keep up the great work :blush:

Which remaining cards would you consider your highest priority?

I don’t know that I really have a priority on any, especially now that I have the sample print pikachu on order. I kind of just get things when I see them for a reasonable enough price, though my collection is on hold right now due to car issues.

Can you elaborate on the EX code variations thing for me or link me to somewhere talking about it? I thought I had established that there were not variations but if there are I’m sure I’d count them, meaning I’ll need to adjust some things.

Edit: I also just found out about the 1999-2000 Spanish Base set variation recently. Haha

Double edit, found poketrades code variation thread on upccc, nevermind. Holy heck I’ve got a lot more holes to fill! Sweet! Thanks for bringing that to my attention! Do you know if that is a cross-language thing?

Haha yeah it is a cross language thing. I am not near a computer so I won’t check, but is there a pika in EX Ruby Sapphire?

Also, later on I will see which cards you need for Portuguese and German. I might be able to help you out there. I found a German eBay user who has some RH cards that he doesn’t list so I can ask if has the ones you need. Speaking of which, have you tried asking around on eBay? I’ve found that sellers wont put up all their cards for sale. So for example, if you need a RH EX Smaragd Pika and find someone selling some rares or ultra rares from the same st, it could be worth it to ask if they have it. This is how I’ve finished off a few languages actually.

Also, do you have the RH unlimited Legend Pikachu?

No pikachus in Ruby/Saph

I’ve done a little of that but I do a lot of deals off Facebook as well. I’ve found messenger is far more simple to communicate to sellers with rather than ebay messages. Google translate and a bit of care has gone a long way as well. Haha.

I’m not sure what RH Unlimited Legends Pikachu you’re referring to so I’m going to take a look. My guess is probably not if I don’t know what you’re referring to.

edit: looking at my cards, and it looks like most sets share the same codes/variations except Japanese ;__;

I’ve used Facebook mostly for Portuguese cards since there aren’t any other good sources. If you want, I can send you the link to the Facebook page for it so you can try and pick up the remaining Portuguese cards.

As far as the codes are concerned, all the languages will share the same codes except Japanese, which will have 4 codes for unlimited and 1st edition for commons. I don’t know how the uncommon work and any Pikachu which appears in a half deck or mini set won’t have any different code variations. You might want to double check that just to be sure for yourself though.

Oh, and I think you are missing the Chinese Legend Maker Pika on your list if you don’t already have it.

Edit: oops, no Legend Maker, what was I thinking? But, you can take off the RH cards for any set after EX series in Portuguese. They don’t print reverse holos anymore. Also, I can try and get that Roaring Skies Chu for you. I have some Torbs coming soon, but they guy hasn’t sent them yet. If he has Pikachu, I’ll ask to have it added.

Edit 2: Another edit haha. The 4th gen Spanish cards didn’t have reverse holos either.