skinst's Collection - Update 17/8 - General update

Well, I just completed my Mew collection :slight_smile: I feel kind of nervous posting here given how many amazing collectors are on this site but… here is my contribution to the collecting world:


I have to say WOW, i loved to read your article about beginning your collection and obtaining your victory orb! Congrats on that :blush:
It is very well written *thumbs up*

Your mew collection is just amazing! I have a mew card collection myself, i just love this pokemon :blush:
Great scans, I like the group photo

Thank you very much :blush: How many Mew cards do you have? :grin:

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you can see some of them in my image album on photobucket, here are the links:

WHF '97 Mew (sealed)¤t=pokemon068.jpg
Ancient Mew Corrected (sealed)¤t=DSC01642.jpg
JR '97 Stamp Rally (sealed) Lilypad Mew¤t=DSC01611.jpg

I will take some photos of my spare mew cards in their binder for you soon and upload here

Oooh, Nice, especially the Lily Mew! :grin: I might be getting a sealed CoroCoro Shining Mew soon myself, but otherwise I only have two sealed ones ^^;

Thank you very much :blush:

Well they don’t really know what to sell it for since the value of Shining Mew varies from $15 to $100, so I’m doing some research to try and find a suitable offer.

Shining Mew is my favourite out of all the Mew cards, so it’ll be nice to get a sealed one. ^^

Very nice! That is one heck of a mew collection!
I’m glad to see someone got their start reading beckett! I remember an article that showed all three trophy pikachu cards next to the grand party promo. From that day forward I wanted to get my hands on one :blush:

Thank you very much ^^

Aah, I don’t think I could ever go for the high end trophy cards despite their amazing beauty. ^^; I’d love to see one in person one day though, that’d be cool.

And Beckett was amazing. :slightly_frowning_face: I loved that magazine; I still have the copy with Pikachu Illustrator in it next to my Mew collection.

Website is now up!

Note that the galleries WILL take some time to load due to the images being high quality PNG’s.

The fact that its not a holo. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve never seen another one and I don’t know how it was originally obtained. If you wanna shed light on that though I’d be grateful ^^ (if you know anything about it that is :blush: )

Nice, I like the site. You were right that the galleries took a while to load (i’m just impatient :stuck_out_tongue:) but good job! I can’t wait to see what you add next!

I have thought about making a website for my stuff…but I can’t motivate myself to do the coding :blush:

Thank you very much ^^ Honestly it wasn’t difficult to code; it was editing all the scans that was the most work. ^^;

If you don’t mind me asking…how much did the mew victory orb set you back? I was thinking about add one in the future.

@mike. Mew orbs without the case should go for $400-$600. With the case I seen them go for more than $750.

Really? That seems a bit high. I swear I have seen the ones with out the case go well under $600.

Yes without case $400-$600

Mine, UU’s and Scott’s sold one all sold for $700+ with case. You already have the pika ring but it sold for $720 without the case recently.

Oh wow, sorry skinst, If I just would have kept reading I would have got my answer!..and an image of the auction! Looks like you were right haze…$415 USD.

$415 is a good deal :blush:

@haze – Actually, I got mine for less than $700 :wink: