AJ's collection of any and every Pikachu! -255 cards atm

If you have I pikachu card that I don’t have, please PM me! I need some help!

hope you’ll enjoy looking at my collection! At the moment I own 255 different pikachu cards.

Nata Wake Pikachu

Will be posting a picture in every following bump.


Which pikachu cards do you need?

Show some pics it would be awesome to see.

I will when I get back home in two weeks. In the meantime you could check out my photobucket via the picture link in my first comment in this thread.

Ooooo this is the doomed but unbelievably satisfying quest of hunting down every Pikachu card ever made! I wish you the best, it will surely be a difficult feat, but a ton of fun to do :blush:. It’s too bad Pikachu was so popular and featured on so many cards (and so many rare cards).

ps. nice Natta Wake Pikachu! That’s one of the best Pika cards imo.

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I hope your collection will be awesome (and well detailled) like this one !


japanese base with rarity symbol
japanese bulbasaur vhs deck
japanese totodile neo intro deck
english base 1st edition yellow cheeks
english base 1st edition red cheeks
english base shadowless yellow cheeks
english base shadowless red cheeks
english base shadowless japanese cd promo sealed
english base unlimited

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English base 2
English E3 yellow cheeks
Korean base World Collection
Italian base 1st edition
Italian base unlimited
Chinese base 1st edition
Dutch base unlimited
Portuguese base unlimited
French base unlimited

Italian base 1st edition
italian base unlimited
german base unlimited
english jungle 1st edition
english jungle unlimited
english legendary collection
german jungle unlimited
Spanish jungle unlimited
french jungle unlimited

Dutch 1st edition jungle
Chinese jungle World collection
English 1st edition W stamp
italian unlimited W stamp
italian jungle unlimited
English Neo Genesis unlimited
Italian Neo genesis 1st edition
Italian Neo genesis unlimited
German Neo genesis unlimited

French Neo genesis unlimited
Japanese Neo genesis
English Neo genesis 1st edition
English gym challenge 1st edition
English gym challenge unlimited
Japanese gym set card
English gym heroes unlimited
English gym heroes 1st edition
Japanese Gym Lt. Surge’s deck (Heroes print) no rarity symbol

English Expedition
English Expedition reverse holo
Italian Expedition
English Skyridge
Italian Skyridge
German Skyridge
Japanese Shiny collection 1st edition
English Legendary collection
Korean Shiny collection

Japanese Bulbasaur VHS deck #40
English 1st movie stamp black star promo #4
French glossy Black star promo #4
German Black star promo #4
Spanish Black star promo #4
Dutch World collection Black star promo #4
English Pop series 4
German Pop series 4
Japanese McDonalds 2005 084/PCG-P

Just as a heads up: a single post can hold more than one image. You can place text after an IMG link and it will appear after that image.

2000 World collection
Japanese Blue edition

I know, i just prefer to do it this way. Uploading with my Ipad, this is easiest for me.

World collection 2000
7-11 version with the green Japanese card

Italian Birthday Black star Promo #24
English World collection Birthday Black star Promo #24
French Advent Snowflake DP16 black star promo
Japanese WHF stamp Lightning Quick construction pack
Italian Emerald
English Emerald
Japanese Classroom black star promo 151/bw-p
English Pop series 2
German Pop series 2

English Nintendo black star prmo #012
Japanese 7 eleven holo 024/ADV-P
Japanese 7 eleven non-holo 023/ADV-P
English 10th Anniversary
Italian 10th Anniversary
japanese Birthday unnumbered promo holo
German Leaf green Fire red
English Leaf green Fire red
everyone’s exciting battle Waku Waku deck full holo

Japanese Snap unnumbered promo
German Snap black star promo #26
Spanish World collection 2000 Snap black star promo #26
English Snap black star promo #26
Italian Snap black star promo #26
japanese Meiji promo 112/pcg-p
English pop series 5
German pop series 5
japanese 153/pcg-p