kubek's collection - Pikachus attack! (update 20th Feb)

Hello guys,

My collection gallery: kubek.imgur.com

I decided to open my own thread and post some pictures of my tiny Pikachu collection.
I started collecting Pikachu cards about a month ago and I have only few cards… currently I’m waiting for few packages so I’ll post some updates soon.

The photos below are very random, I need to buy Pikachu related binder and organize it well :blush:

*** First are commons from Japanese and English sets, te Japanese cards aren’t in the best condition (scratches on the back) so I will need to find better ones in the future…

*** And here’re some cool promos:

So as I said before - probably there’s nothing super rare here but you know - I had to start somewhere and I really enjoy collecting Pikachus :grin:

Thanks for looking, best wishes!


That’s a lot of Pikachu cards.


@aj1 has a contender!

If you’re interested, I have a few Pikachu cards that no one else seems to want that aren’t featured here. PM me if you’re interested.

And nice collection so far!


@azulryu I already PMd you :blush:


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Love the collection thus far! :grin:

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very cool cant wait to see those packages. will you be getting the toys r us jumbo? i just got it, its so nice!

Definitely yes! I’m just hoping that the price of those will drop a bit on Ebay :blush:

how much are u looking to pay? and where you located shoot me a pm may be able to help

Great start to your collection mate, look forward to watching it grow :blush:

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@mrchub I will in a minute!

Oh yea you reminded me about that Rumble Venusaur
Nice collection too ;p

I have a few Jumbo Pikachu’s if you’re interested (Captain Pikachu, BEAMS, Shopping, and Base Set) ALL JUMBOS

I have Chinese base pikachu, korean XY pikachu if you’re interested.

Cool going with the collection, there’s some awesome cards there!

And the fun begins…well done:)

Thank you so much guys!

I’ve updated first post with some scans that I thought i posted before…

@guangjohto PM coming.

Just a minute ago I received cards from Ebay (from kool1349) and just WOW! This Wobbuffet is great!
Also there’s my new Pikachu’s placemat *o*

Also there’s Pikachu stamp on envelope! How cool is that? lol

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I love it when sellers take the extra time to add some flare to the package. Love the lot!

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Another small update, recently I opened two Phantom Gate boxes and got full art in each! (although I don’t know what’s the pull rate for this set but I’m happy with my pulls). Also there’re few new Pikachus. Let’s go!

Polish Pikachus from DP Mysterious Treasures (Polish name of this set is Diament i Perła: Tajemne Skarby if anyone was curious)

Next are four Japanese Pikachus - I love them all! Finally completed Pitch’s Pikachu set.

Promo set from Illust Collection book (Pikachus!)

And here’re my pulls from Phantom Gate booster boxes:

Box no1 (love that Gengar FA!)

Box no2 (first box was way better imo)

Also I’ve got these beauties:

Thanks for looking!

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I love 'em

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Good job:)

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