Kami's Small Collection (for now)

Here is my first post to show off my small collection!

Finished my short time goal of collecting all FA trainers featuring set stamps in PSA-10 (Love how the set stamps looks especially!)

(I suck at taking pictures btw…)

It does not get more Japanese Exclusive than this: PSA-10 Collection of XY era FA Poncho/ Pretend Pikachu:

Finally the start to a PSA-10 Gardevoir Collection (Ahhhh my queen):

More to come, with: Pokemon center Exclusives/ Gardevoir/ Sealed Product

EDIt: ALL the full art supporters has been sold unfortunately…


Nice start…keep it up.

Those Pikachus look incredible all together! Cuteness overload.


Update: 8/3/2018
PSA Graded Cards (Primarily Japanese)
MORE PIKACHU!!! And many others

All 6 Ash’s Pikachu for the Movie Promotion in Gem 10

Mario and Luigi Pikachu (the non full art version)

More Cosplay Pikachu with Tohoku’s Pikachu

Even more Cosplay Pikachu with Pretend Grunt Pikachu and Poncho Wearing Pikachu

Pokemon Center Exclusive: Its Mimikyu Special Box Promo cards

Another Pokemon Center Exclusive: Alolan Vulpix/ Vulpix Pikachu Special Box Promo cards


Nice collection, you’re inspiring me to get some of my cosplay 'chu’s slabbed as well! :sunglasses:

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Continuation of 8/3/2018 Update
All Legendary Shine Collection Full Art Cards:
Originally there was a binder/ folder where you can place these cards to complete an image.
I just LOVE how you have two or more cards to create a complete image or a story (very reminiscent of the LEGEND cards from HGSS)

Regigigas, Arceus, and White Kyurem creating a single image (I think their trying to duke it out?)

Latios vs. Palkia vs. Zekrom? All i know is that all 3 are somehow related…

Dialga Full Art

Latias Full Art, love the bright landscape with additional Braviary and Noibat in the back.

Finally Reshiram vs Black Kyurem illustrated by the man himself: Mitsuhiro Arita (very cool looking)

Oh and also Pikachu EX and Hoopa EX from Legendary Shine Collection


Its been a while since my last collection update.
Since COVID, I’ve been having alot of time for myself and completing some collections goals.
Here are some of my highlight new collection additions.

Ah yes the illustration collection. Something that I have prided myself in copping at MSRP from the Pokemon Center Online.
Something that I have submitted myself to PSA to get graded. So glad they came back as 10’s.
Two great illustrations that I will keep with the original book that it came with.
Mitsuhiro Aria will always be the OG GOAT.

I’ve been always a fan of Gardevoir since her original release in Ruby and Sapphire.
I saw this deck case and sleeves for sale on the Pokemon Center Online and had to immediately copp.
Will remain sealed with the rest of my Gardevoir collection.

Battle/ Anniversary/ Card Festa Pikachus that I have acquired before the spike in price.
Fun fact: I aquired the 20th Anniversary festa for $328.00 in 2018

Pokemon Center exclusive boxes.
Pokemon Center Deluxe, and Pokemon Center Yokohama Boxes.
The Pokemon center Yokohama box was a MUST HAVE because its the pokemon center I’ve been going to since I was 5.

My first trophy/ medal card!
Super stoked to own one.