Celebi’s Aimless Collection

I suppose my collection goal is to collect any cards and with cool artwork or an interesting history. I probably will never have a completed set of anything.

I’ll start with the favorites in my collection!

Gold Stars:

Play promos & Masaki promos:

Trainer Certification Card, Munch Scream Rowlet,20th Anniversary Battle Festa Mewtwo EX, and Pal City (Magikarp & Hitmonchan):

1st Edition Japanese Crystal Crobat & Ho-Oh, Alto Mare’s Latias (Theatger VS Pack), Shining Mewtwo, Shiny Charizard GX, Rainbow Charizard GX, & Rainbow Charizard VMAX (I pulled this one myself!):

Yokohama’s Boat Pikachu, Mario & Luigi Pikachu,Shibuya’s Pikachu, & Yokohama’s Submarine Pikachu:

Flareon V alt art & Umbreon VMAX alt art (I pulled both of these myself!), Jolteon V alt art (My favorite Eeveelution alt art due to the perspective & city background), & Rainbow Umbreon VMAX (I this one too):

I have a whole bunch of other rainbow rares, gold cards, and trainer cards that I’ll add later.

My current, immediate “chase cards” are the Full Art Team Skull Pikachu & 7000 points Mew EX Play promo .


I have also never had a card graded. I purchased my graded cards. Maybe one day I’ll grade some of cards.

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Forgot to include my “The Town on No Map” Mcdonald’s booster pack:


Awesome stuff! I recently found out about the alto mare latias/latios and have been waffling on pulling the trigger. I feel like it’s really hard for me to just collect things I think look cool or like because then I go down a deep rabbit hole and come out spending way too much money! So kudos to you for sticking to it


Really cool collection. Really like that Jirachi. Didn’t know it existed. I’ve also never seen the Town on No Map McDonald’s pack artwork. Now I’m tempted, since it has an Umbreon.

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Thanks! I was able to get a good amount of these cards at far lower prices since I got them before the boom. So, I it was easier to add to my collection. Now, I have to wait longer and do more searching to find better deals to find better deals.

I’m also surprised that the Alto Mare’s Latios/Latias are so underrated. I guess not many know that the cards exist.

Thanks! I believe that the Jirachi was included in a starter kit for those who subscribed during 2006? It’s one of my favorite Jirachi artworks. The McDdonald’s pack art is amazing. I’m happy I was able to pick up a pack.

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More of my collection!

Dark Raichu, Lt. Surge’s Magneton, Magmar ex, Raikou ex, Rocket’s Zapdos, Expedition Tyranitar Holo, 1st Edition Neo Genesis Slowking, Birthday Pikachu, Squirtle from Mcdonald’s Pokemon-e Minimum Pack, & Expedition Typlosion Holo:

Rainbow Rares:

Gold cards:


Shiny Pokemon:


Got some new trainers and a Celebi alt art!

Even better, my PCL came in today. Sure, it isn’t a gem mint PCL but it’s mine!


Also, secret rare Pikachu from Black & White Base Set!


New additions to my collection!


cards that have both trainer and Pokemon always get me


I’ve been meaning to pick up more character
cards. I love some of the artworks on these cards. My favorite one is Roxie’s Koffing which I should be getting soon!

Quick collection update!

Copycat 027/ L-P Legends Tournament Promo

Indigo Plateau 070/L-P Legends tournament promo
Corocoro Virizion, Terrakion, and Cobalion


Really awesome collection here, love the variety.

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Thanks! I’m very happy with how my collection is turning out so far. I’m hoping to have even more diversity in my collection in the future. Though I am focusing more on collecting promos at the moment.

Just wanted to say that your collection is awesome and really coming together! I especially love that Indigo Plateau featuring Celebi and the Pokemon Card Laboratory. Incredible stuff!

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Thanks! PCL and Indigo are great cards. My ultimate goal is to have an actual trophy card in my collection.

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Might I suggest mysterious peearl

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I’ve been thinking about that! As of now, the Mysterious Pearl seems like one of the more accessible trophy cards. I was thinking of that, one of the art academy cards, or one of the Illusion’s Zorua art cards. The art cards aren’t traditional trophies but they are prizes with unique art and limited distributions.

I love my copycat and indigo promos. The base artwork is excellent and the added holo and logos enhance the art. However, I love the artwork and the uniqueness of the artworks of my CoroCoro promos. So, whatever trophy I have, I prefer it to have unique artwork. So, UniKarp gets eliminated but Mysterious Pearl is certainly a candidate.

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