Celebi’s Aimless Collection

Super jealous! Wish I could get a grand party D:

Keep up the great collection Celebi!

Recent additions to my collection! Got two frontier rally promos, 2 pal city promos, and a Munch Eevee.


These are all excellent, great pickups! I really like the direction your collection is heading in.

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this is such a nice collection! especially love the new stadium cards there - its always so fun when cards are connected by something, like the background :blush:

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Thanks! I’m very happy with my current promo collection! I have a good variety of play promos, munch promos, pikachu promos, and tournament promos. I’m aiming for a card from an art competition right now.

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Thanks! Yeah, the pal city promos are very underrated. So, far I have 3/7. I suspect that I may have to buy graded versions if the other four because finding them raw is impossible. Even when going on sites with Japanese sellers.

The latest addition to my collection!


I won my first two auctions and got both the alt art and rainbow version of Raichu and Alolan Raichu!


I got the Charmander and Squirtle from the 2002 e-series McDonalds set. I already have the Squirtle but I wanted to het one in much better condition. I would argue that these are the best Charmander and Squirtle artwork in the TCG!


Your updates never disappoint. Awesome additions. Always like that Charmander. Definitely the best of the Charmander cards.

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I love the McDonald’s set :heart_eyes:

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It is an incredible set with unique art! I have to get the Chikorita and slowpoke eventually.

Thanks! I’m liking how my collection is looking so far. It’s getting pretty diverse with the set cards and promos that I have so far.

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Minor update. This time I got a pack from the BW era. Absol is one of my favorite Pokemon - just under Celebi and the Mudkip evolution line.


I love the Plasma cards. The blue on em looks super cool to me

They’re truly awesome. I was almost tempted to test my luck but I’m just going to keep this sealed, lol.

Ok, more updates for my collection.

Got some nice pulls from the recent Time Grazer and Space Juggler sets.

I also got my two sealed pizza promos today!


Recent pull from my space juggler box. Another character rare to add to my collection !


Adaman :heart_eyes:

I am really enjoying looking at your collection @celebi. Hoping to take some inspiration for my collection as well. Thanks a lot for sharing.