Celebi’s Aimless Collection

First time seeing this thread and can only agree with previous users: Such a nice and vibrant collection, and also great inspiration because I had never seen some of these cards and now I crave them haha. Keep up the great work!

A really small update. I recently got the Galarian Moltres alt art. It’s definitely in my top 5 alt arts!


this is a masterpiece in everything: colors, composition, just the overall look of the card it’s astonishing. If this was a Charizard, well… good luck on getting one for less than 1k :sweat_smile:

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Agreed! The artwork on this card is amazing. I’m happy that it isn’t a zard tbh. Because of that, I get to have this excellent artwork for a reasonable price.

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Realized that I never added these to my updates.


A gorgeous CP6 secret rare Blastoise has been added to my collection!


Pretty recent and cool pull from my first Arcana box.