Kazambolt's Collection

Been collecting on and off since the cards came out, mostly small purchases and pack openings over decades. Recently I’ve been picking up more as I’ve had more money to spend in my life, as well as really ramping up my grading. Hoping to eventually turn a bunch of the cards I personally grade into $$ to get my dream cards.


A Top 8 trophy card I won at the 2017 Oceania International Championship. This card has a ton of sentimental value for me, as well as being one of 48 possible copies, and only 2 have been graded at this time.

Crystal Guardians was one of my favorite sets ever, I started playing in sanctioned events just before it came out and it was also right in the middle of one of my favorite blocks. They need to bring back Delta Pokemon somehow. I completed the set in the early 2010s but left it at my parents house until early this year. The Alakazam and Celebi are off at PSA now.

My graded Pikachus (for now). Pikachu Star I pulled at the prerelease back in the day, actually one of two I pulled across ~12 packs that day, though one was traded for what eventually became the bulk of my first deck. I picked up the Pretend Grunt at a Regional in 2018 or so, and the CGC Pikachu is my first slab from the company. Always glad to have a story behind a card.


Wow, incredible! So cool to see a TCG player keeping and grading their championship promos, especially one like that DCE!

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Thanks! I have one more promo I’ve won right now, and I’m grading more of my competitor Festivals and the card from my first sanctioned event right now.


I love this, it’s not often we get to see competitors :grin:


Evolutions DCE is such an amazing trophy card.

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Got my Gold Stars back from PSA this week!

Super happy with the grades. Thought the Alakazam had a shot at a 10 but no lower than 9, the edgewear on the back was just a little too bad. The Celebi has bad top/bottom centering, worse edgewear on the back than the Alakazam, and I had to clean some dirt off the art before I sent it in. I expected as low as a 5-6, very happy to get the 8.

Do kind of wish the cert #s ended in a 9 and 0 like the card #s, just 1 spot off. Glad at least they’re in the right order sequentially.


Picked this up at an auction, very excited to add this to my collection. This card gets a lot of love but as a TCG player it has a special meaning. The art of this card is/was the logo of the HeyTrainer forum, not one I visited a lot but one that was very influential in the history of the competitive TCG.


Haven’t posted any updates recently but have gotten a ton of PSA subs back and new collection additions. Let’s get started!

4 of my 5 Japanese Festivals got 10s! 2014 hit a 6 but not complaining about these beauties for sure.


Nearly complete on my Neon Ink set. Purchased these and graded myself. Not sure if I’ll try that with the red one or just buy it graded. Probably at least have to inspect the card in person before buying a raw copy :sweat_smile:

Info: Here


MTG has been kind of slumping recently but there are still really cool things in almost every set. One that really interested me was the Lost Legends promotion, where they found some old booster boxes from decades ago and put them in packs of kind of a “throwback” set.

Info: Here

Sadly I never pulled one of these Legends cards but I found someone who got such a pull on camera and was willing to part with it!

These cards aren’t particularly rare or valuable but the story really interests me. Can’t tell the difference between this and another card from Legends but at least I have the VOD!


Awesome update, @kazambolt!

I’ve never seen the neon ink variants in person, but these pictures look incredible.

Although I wasn’t lucky enough to pull a neon ink from Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, I did pull the textured Lilliana from Double Masters 2022 and a Legends common card (Avoid Fate - sent to PSA) from Dominaria United.


Avoid Fate can be such a clutch card in EDH. No one ever expects a green counter.

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Got some awesome Harada and Himeno signatures in the last few months, have shared in other threads and will share more once I get them all back from PSA.

But for now, wanted to show off a couple of the Pikachu World Collection that I’ve gotten signed! Was hoping to get the whole set signed, and then Ken (the translator) reminded me that Sugimori did one of them :sweat_smile: Maybe I’ll just get as many done as possible!


Wanted to share some of my favorite additions from recent submissions, sorry it’s a lot of YuGiOh :sweat_smile: Having a ton of fun buying iconic cards from the early years of the game and Anime.

ok fine some Pokemon too

Really stoked about this staff promo, and the label is incredible. Bought 2 more Staff promos I was missing from this seller but they graded a 5 and 7 respectively :woozy_face:

Pulled this myself after buying packs on a whim at Publix (of all places!) Think it’s more like an 8 but don’t need to risk cracking this out for a small grade increase. This card is for me to look at the art and I love it. So glad I got one of these.

Bought 3 Friends in Sinnoh with hopes of grading one, none of them were good enough. Have since pulled 3 myself, and 2/2 have returned so far as 10s.

Not usually a big fan of gold cards but the Crown Zenith ones are stunning. Pulled this Arceus and also a Giratina which I’m hoping will come back from regrading (cracked) closer to a 9 than the 7 it originally got.


Just today finished my Ghosts from the Past 2 set, so here’s all the Ghost Rares plus a couple of extras. I had incredible luck with this set, pulling 2 Dark Magician Girl, a Red Eyes, a Blue Eyes, and the Dark Armed Dragon. This set really brought me back into Yugioh collecting. The nostalgia is impeccable.


Another post of some recent return highlights!

Super happy to get exactly 1 Van Gogh Pikachu in good condition, very lucky. Also pulled this Mewtwo out of a prize pack this year and once again quite lucky on the condition.

And here are a couple of festivals I purchased at the end of the year, got some great deals. Recently starting to focus my collection on tournament promos, mostly Champions Festivals and International Championship promos.

More exciting additions to come soon! :wink:


Finally stopping by to show of some of the biggest purchases I’ve made, could not be more stoked to add some of the Creatures History Deck cards to my collection!

I love the holo pattern on these cards, really unique and eye-catching.

The DCE was the perfect addition for my collection, I have a unique appreciation for the card as part of my competitive career.

I will likely regrade these into PSA slabs eventually to match the rest of my collection, but for now I’m just enjoying them as they are.

Super happy to complete this goal to own one of these cards. Apparently I was so happy I bought 2! :rofl: