James' Wizards Of The Coast Collection

Hi guys, this is my first post on here but I’ve been scrolling through plenty of posts and am amazed about the cards/collections some of you have!
I’ve been collecting on and off for a year and a half and collect mostly WOTC cards and have now started collecting all English cards made between the time wizards held the licence. I don’t collect error/misprints and I very rarely get cards graded as i love having my cards in binder form. The sets/cards i have include…

Original Series
Unlimited base set (complete)
Shadowless base set (roughly 75/102)
Jungle (complete)
Fossil (complete)
Rocket (complete)
Gym Heroes (complete)
Gym Challenge (complete)
Base set 2 (complete)

Neo SeriesNeo Genesis (complete 1st Edition)

Promo Sets
Black star promo (complete)
Southern Island (bought brand new/sealed)
Best Of Game (complete)
Gold W Stamped (complete)
Pikachu World Collection (bought brand new/sealed)

Random Promos
Red cheek E3 pikachu
Yellow cheek E3 pikachu
1999 poke tour pikachu
Meowth Gold Border
Ancient Mew
All 8 holo energy promos
Rapidash (Ny Pokecentre stamp)
Ho-oh (Ny Pokecentre stamp)

Jr rally promos
Non holo Eevee (Brand new/sealed)
Mewtwo (Brand new/sealed)
Non holo Meowth

Grey star promos

Pre Release
Dark Gyarados
Mistys Seadra
Aerodactyl (Both Variants)

Japanese Original Series
Base (Complete)
Jungle (Complete)
Fossil (Complete)

Japanese Promo CardsPikachu 15th Anniversary Set (Incl Deck Box + damage counters)
Complete CD Collection
PSA 10 Grand Party Promo

Pikachu World Collection

Southern Island With Folder

Black Star Promos

Best Of Game

Gold W Stamped

Yelow cheek E3 and 1999 poketour Pikachu’s (Edit: Red Cheek E3 as been added lower down)

Gold Border Meowth and NY Pokecentre Stamped cards

Pokemon League Holo Energy Promos

Some of Gym Heroes and Challenge

This folder is full of Base Set-Rocket

All sets together

The rest of random stuff i have collected including the Pokecentre 15th Anniversary Set and some Jpn CD Promos.

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Oh, and as for what’s next i will be getting the pre release cards (not Raichu haha). I have already purchased the Clefable which seems to be the hardest to come by so should be getting the rest very soon. Then it will be Neo Series time!

Welcome! However…


Great to have you here!

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Got some cards i have been waiting on today! :blush:

Brand new, sealed JR Rally Mewtwo
Brand new, sealed JR Rally Eevee
Brand new, sealed Red Cheek E3 Promo Pikachu (my most expensive single card to date)
Jigglypuff Grey Star Promo
Pikachu Grey Star Promo

Very happy with this new lot of cards, still chasing the elusive JR Rally Meowth though so if anyone has one and is willing to sell let me know :blush:
Next up i’ll be getting the pre release cards (not raichu obviously) they should be here in a week.


Nice additions:) Love the E3 Red Cheeks sealed. I actually got those at the venue over 15 years ago:)

Very nice collection so far :blush:

Very nice collection! :blush:

Cheers for the kind words guys! Wow what a time to be apart of the tcg scene when these were being given out! I was only 7 and any real pokemon events were pretty rare and barley advertised here in Australia haha

You think you had it bad? We didn’t even have any Pokemon related events here and booster packs (fossil, jungle, base) were $13 a pop. :rofl:

We had to pay double that!


Yes, little village in the Netherlands… So a lot of people in between wanting to make a lot of money of of little kids.

once paid 30 dollars for a japanese neo booster. Never really pulled anything good looking back. Best card, at the time, was a white diamond gym chansey.

Ow ow, a rocket raichu, that was swweeet. Never knew how rare it was. But it got destroyed by getting wet… Still have it somewhere though.

Wow that’s rough guys! Good to see it hasn’t dampened your love for the tcg though :blush: We were fortunate here to have quite a bit of competition in booster pack selling so it drove prices down to a fair amount.

Bit of an update today! Im still waiting on my pre release cards to come in but when i get them (as well as the JR Rally Meowth i’m waiting on) that will wrap up the Original Series of sets and all the Wizards Promos (As far as i know) so i figured its time to move onto the Neo Series :blush:

After doing some research i realised most sets being sold had mixtures of 1st editions and unlimited cards in them which bothered me as i’d rather just collect one or the other. So i made the call to collect the whole Neo Series in 1st Edition only. Its something i’ve never done before and will be more expensive (slower) but im fine with that and i think it’ll be pretty cool in the end. So today i received my first set, Neo Genesis 1st Edition. Pretty exciting to start this new series as well as keep up my side collection (Abra, Kadabra, Alakazam collection, link is here) www.elitefourum.com/t/abra-and-kadabra-solo-collection-all-variants-all-languages/12721/1

So yeah heres just a couple of pics of the Holo’s :blush:

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Awesome additions to your collection mate, keep it up :blush:

Neo series cards are coming really popular again, can’t really blame people since every set has so much great content.

1st ed. Neo Genesis is always nice catch, good luck finding 3 other! :blush:

Hey! Did you buy that off me on eBay? Hope you like them!

Cheers guys :blush: Should be fun as ive never really done much 2nd gen stuff before. I already have leads on 1st ed Revelation and Discovery sets so that should be fine. Destiny is gunna be a stinger on the wallet though haha

Haha actually yes i did! They arrived today and very happy with them. Didnt realise you were on here haha :blush: