acebren's Collection

Here is Most of my sealed collection, I’m interested in WoTC, don’t care for the newer stuff.

Starting off with my decks

Really looking for a Trainer Deck A

Onto my very limited PSA and sealed card collection

Now onto my Booster box/pack collection

and my team rockets

I also have some nice ungraded cards i’d like to show you guys, but thats for another time


What an awesome collection!

Where did you bag that demo booster? Impressive!


thank you for the comment!, i recently got lucky while doing my daily browse on ebay “new listings”, found it listed for a good price with the option of a best offer. offered a little bit under asking price and in the end i think i got it pretty cheap

Some great sealed items there! Look at all those long packs!


heres some of my single cards like i promised a few months ago;

My Charizard Collection so far

This is a Grey stamped 1st ED Base Charizard

This is a 1999-2000 Base set Charizard

A close up of my raw cards

Will show some of my other stuff when I can be bothered


Those trainer decks are nice

Wow, them 'zards are so nice! I would kill just to have one 1st ed!

thats what I said before i got one, 5 dead bodies later and here i am lol


Absolutely love this. Well done:)


Nice charizard collection. Going to grade the raw ones or no?

thanks, I’m a fan of raw cards so they won’t be getting graded


I’m the same, but I do also love to get my most prestigious cards in PSA graded as well. My biggest mistake was collecting ungraded 1st Ed Base holo’s too. I can’t justify the price of the Charizard since I already have it in PSA 9. I reckon I’ll end up having 15/16 in Ex-NM and the scuffiest Charizard you can imagine to go in the binder!


Showing off some of my other cards today;

my error Persians

My 1st edition Neo Destiny Shinings

My Blastoise Collection so far; 1st Edition Base, Shadowless Base, No Stage Error, Misty’s Trainer Deck B and regular Unlimited

some of my Crystals, Unlimited Shinings and a Lugia from Neo Genesis

and to finish off, some recent additions to my charizard collection


Well chosen collection. I like how you keep 1st ed charizards raw. Very most awesome.


Your collection is pretty Rad man!!! Keep up the good work!!

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thanks guys

This is an awesome collection. I love seeing the collections of other Aussies because I know what the card market is like here. If you don’t mind me asking, where do you normally find your stuff? A lot of those cards don’t appear on eBay Aus very often, so do you get them from overseas or through trades with other serious collectors instead?


thanks sage, i certainly know your pain, I use ebay for 99% of my buys, i have bought items from all over the world, but due to conversion rate, shipping fees and import taxes i mostly have to settle for what gets listed on Ebay Aus, a lot of my rarer items have been snagged within minutes of them being listed, ive just got a good eye and have spent a lot of time trawling ebay

few more things to show off;

Red Logo Jungle Packs

Base Set 2 Long Packs

1st Edition Neo Destiny Packs

Pop 5 Packs

Ex Series packs with original after market packaging

Shadowless Decks; the Brushfire is said to be the source of ‘No Damage Ninetales’

Sealed E3 Red Cheek Pikachu


I’ve never seen after-market packaging like that. That’s intense.

You’ve got a pretty sweet pack stash. :grin: