OCGHP's Stuff [Sealed Unlimited Korean Base Set?!]

Hello everyone, glad I found this forum as it is amazing to see everyone’s collections, where everyone’s collection looks amazing. I use to collect trading cards all the way up to high school ranging from Yugioh, Magic the Gathering, and of course Pokemon. Currently I am a graduating senior in college. Around early March 2016 I started collecting Pokemon again. I have grown attached to sealed Japanese Pokemon Product, especially booster packs. Hopefully you all will get to see my collection grow. I’ll start it off with a general overview of what I have so far. Thank you for looking and have a good day.

Updated August, 2016


Fantastic collection! I love the Rocket Gang Strikes Back deck box and all the PCG packs :grin:

Welcome to the forum.

Nice start for sure. Keep it up.

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Oh nice boosters man! these look great!

I think i might of sold those chinese base boosters to you haha?

It’s an amazing lot you have!

Thank you all! And yes I believe I did purchase those two Unlimited base boosters from you :blush:.

Welcome to the forums :blush:


Glad to have you aboard! Feel free to use this website as a resource for your collection. :blush:


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Nice to see you on here. Those ex legend packs will have come from me at one point too :slight_smile: Looks like you’re making moves on the Chinese base set now too. Plans to complete the whole set?

Nice to see you here as well :grin: . Possibly some more unlimited Chinese singles but not all.

Wow, super jealous. Nice find!

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Dang! I’ve been searching for those badges for such a long time!! Awesome find, I envy you sir.

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They have Kanto Badges coming out this year! :blush:


Nice, I’m liking your Japanese packs. I need unlimited E4 myself.

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Omg I need that Flight of Legends I’m so jealous :thinking:? What a great find. Loving the Rocket Gang packs as well.

I always think the DPPt boosters are so underrated. Really nice!

Beautiful Flight of Legends pack. Easily one of the top artworks IMO. :blush:


Don’t really collect Japanese cards/boosters but that flight of legends is incredible … Definitely going on the wish list!

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@soulwind and @danny. The Flight of Legends pack is beautiful. I just need to get my hands on a Golden Sky, Silvery Ocean sealed booster and I would be so happy haha. :blush: