My slippy collection (Update: The first milestone!)

Hi, I’m new to this forum and only recently began collecting Pokemon cards. I don’t want to show off or anything since my collection is quite the opposite of impressive, it’s rather about documenting my journey. Anyway, I hope I’m welcomed here and invite you to follow me on my journey.

In the past weeks I began posting some pulls and finds to the pkmntcg subreddit and to start of my thread here, I’ll show you what these were:

Link to the album:

These guys are probably my favorite cards with the original Sugimori artworks they have some special nostalgia to them.

Link to the album:

Some of my EX era Reverse Holos. I think these are the best looking Reverse Holos in the entire PTCG history and I love collecting them.

Link to the album:

Some of my Charizards. It’s one of my favorite Pokemon, but I’m not actually obsessed with collecting them. I was already a few times on the edge of buying the more expensive ones, but since my collection is still quite small I always ended up buying a bunch of other cards I also thought were cool.

My pulls from the Mega Powers Collection, quite satisfied with that.

Bought a bunch of cards in bulk and found this little gem. I really think that these special products like the countdown calendar should return every few years.

Link to the album:

Some pictures of one of my favorite Artworks.

I like mew. I like shiny pokemon.

Found this collection on amazon for a few € and I’m amazed at how great the artworks are and the holo effect is also really nice.

My Shining legends pulls. I was a little disappointed, got no secret rare out of two boxes. Would’ve loved to pull the lab mewtwo, but ordered it now off ebay anyway.

That’s it for now. As you can see I’m not collecting anything specific, I just like some older cards, nice artworks, unique cards (for example with stamps or some special holo pattern) and sometimes it’s just because of their rarity.

Thanks for reading/viewing.

Edit 09/03/17: Today’s mail

Got them for 20€. About half of them are in a NM condition.
Had to buy this after I read an article about censoring on this forum.


I too like ex series reverses, however my favourite has to be the unseen forces reverse holos, with the rainbow pokeball holo effect

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Thanks for sharing! And great username :wink:


You have good taste.

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I wasn’t specifically buying the reverse holos, I got most of them in bulk. Went through my binder and noticed I haven’t got any of the unseen forces ones. They look really nice and now I need Flareon, thanks.

Thanks. I hoped some people might enjoy seeing my collection grow.

Thanks. I’ll try to get some good shots of my other gems.

Edit: Here we go

Even though I don’t like the rainbow colors on every card, I think it fits this majestic Pokémon quite well.
I like fullart supporters in general. Misty and Brock especially, they are still the only ones I got.
Got this card together with other cards in an ebay auction. Didn’t know what it was at first. Now I want the Zekrom, too.
I’m with the minority that likes the fifth gen. Hydreigon is one of my favorites of that gen.
Like I said. I like Mew. This artwork is gorgeous and the holo effect is pretty, too.
I really like the cosplay Pikachu, too bad they’re so expensive and there are so many.
This is an amazing artwork. Even though I don’t know what Gengar has to do with these candies.
I’m a sucker for the old ex cards. Too bad they are prone to damage and therefore quite hard to find in a good condition.
I think the prime cards are underrated. Quite gorgeous and unique.
This one has quite an emotional value. It’s one of the few cards I pulled as a kid and are still in a good condition.
Goldstars: I don’t like the artwork of Mew, Charizard is freaking expensive, Pikachu is hard to find, so I got Flareon. Flareon is also one of my favorite Pokémon and I am quite proud to own this beauty.

Found it later in a bulk I bought. Too bad the centering is off and slight whitening on the back.
This is my favorite “wtf”-card so far.


Unseen forces has to be one of my favourite sets. I used to crack packs all the time of it exclusively while they were in print. Only ever pulled an Umbreon ex which I traded away like a fool.

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Love the German cards, I collect them myself.

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09/06/17: Today’s mail
I heard about this little gem from scott’s videos about a month ago and it finally arrived.So many unique and really cool artworks. Especially the GX cards and all cards where the characters of the TV show are seen.
I freaking love the rowlet. It’s my favorite 7th gen Pokemon and this artwork is superb.


awesome looks great!

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09/08/17: I finally did it!
Link to the album: you know that feeling when you browse the web at night and suddenly that one card crosses your way. You feel the urge to buy it for whatever reason. I was always a fan of Charizard, but also thought this particular card was overrated. In that night I thought it might be the last time I could buy this card without eternal regret. In the next morning I was a little concerned, the doubts came back about this card. But now as I have it in my hands it’s just beautiful and it feels like a huge milestone in my collection, even if it might not be the most expensive card I own, it certainly is the most iconic one.

Edit: 09/11/17 Today’s mail arrived
Finally holding it in my hands. Such a gorgeous and unique card. I’m looking forward for the english shining legends release nonetheless.


10/07/17: Charizard GX Box and Shining Legends ETB pulls

I love these cards and they let me forget that I pulled nothing special from the booster packs.

I’m satisfied with my pulls from the ETB. It was my first ETB, too and was really surprised about high quality packaging.What’s a bit weird is that the regular GX’s seem to be really bad cut. The centering is bad and the edges feel sharp. I don’t know if that’s a common issue with the english shining legends. At least the UR Entei and the shinies are of good quality.

I’m happy.


10/10/17: Two days ago I stumbled upon an ebay seller who happens to live near me. Today we met and I got these for really cheap.

Since I love the Reverse Holos of the ex era and Charizard, this was a much wanted card for me.

Some love for the very first secret rare.
Not in the best condition. But who refuses a cheap goldstar?
Always thought it was overpriced. Todays not.
My third Fullart Trainer, yay.
Some cards I found in his bulk and he gave me on top.


Update 10/20/17: A few cards I acquired in the past days.
Since I love this Artwork, Charizard and the quality of the older japanese cards this was a no-brainer.

I don’t know what to think about the cooperation between the pokemon company/nintendo and McD’s but this card is simply beautiful.
I’m not a huge Rayquaza fan but it’s a Goldstar and it was cheap. (Won’t show you its back though)

Got the Tin, pulled Alolan Muk, am not disappointed. The Pikachu Pin box arrives tomorrow if I’m lucky.


Update: 10/26/17 Some new cards I acquired.
Much love for the older japanese cards. So georgeous. Got the Light Arcanine only in played condition though. Nontheless beautiful cards.
Bought some korean cards the seller wanted to get rid off. Sometimes I feel like a shelter for abandoned cards.

He also wanted to get rid of his english cards lol. Nice condition but some scratches on the holo and off center.

And its bigger brother.

Really nice condition for an ex card. Too bad the celebi I also got has much more edgewear.
Bought the Necrozma Tin Box and the Pikachu Pin Box (after it got cancelled by amazon). Pulled only duplicates which I sell now, but the Promos were nice though.


Amazing collection! Good work :blush:

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“Dunkles Raichu” made me laugh a little. Thanks for sharing :grin:

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Yeah, it’s beautiful. Easily one of my Top 3 Pikachu cards.

Thanks. I don’t consider it impressive though but I think it’s a good start considering I’ve started collecting in june.

You laugh but I started selling my duplicates this month and the german cards seem to be much more wanted in germany than I’d have thought. I thought most collectors here would be aware that english and japanese are the most desirable cards internationally. But I think this phenomenon is not applicable to all european countries. If you look at sites like cardmarket you’ll see that for example italian and spanish cards are mostly cheaper than german cards.

Update 11/21/2017: Got this beauty in the mail today after 2 weeks of trouble.

It is effing gorgeous.

and it’s in pristine condition!


Awesome condition of a card! What trouble did you face, if you do not mind me asking? :wink:

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At first did the seller seem kind of shady. The tracking number said that the package got delivered even though I was at home and got nothing. When I contacted him he told me he would’ve had several tracking numbers from that day and sent me all of them. When I tried to figure out what my package’s number was it said “couldn’t be delivered. Receiver didn’t answer the door”. As I was home at said time, so I contacted the delivery service.

Who told me their computer couldn’t read the handwriting on the package properly so it got delivered to the wrong house. Since the post man didn’t speak german properly he didn’t identify the new adress as nonsense and tried to deliver it several days. Luckily nobody opened the door wherever he tried to deliver it. The callcenter dude offered me to change the adress and let the package deliver to a nearby pick-up store which I happily agreed on. He said it would take about 2 days from then on.

The following days the post man still tried to deliver it to whatever adress and after 2 days the tracking site no longer gave any new information about my package. After waiting 2 more days I contacted the delivery service again and they told me again to wait 2 more days so the new information would be registered in their system. Over the whole course of events I began to imagine more and more bad things happen to my precious card, I had nearly given up receiving the card let alone it still being in a decent condition since the seller had quite bad reputation about their packaging.

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