looking for a melee! pokemon scramble eevee

so im looking for a melee! pokemon scramble eevee released by the Pokémon Daisuki Club, problem is that there are only 100 cards in existence and i dont know how expensive they are


Just to put it in percpective none of the 3 extra melee promos have been seen in auction or up for sale in the last 5 years iv been around. I dont know of a sale occuring before that either.

Im not even sure how many were given out as no info is available apart from bulpabedia but I wouldnt personally trust that info. I would easily pay in the thousands for a copy as these are extremely rare.

I remember seeing a thread on pokegym or beach with a guy who had one willing to trade for a trophy khan but im not sure if that was legit or that a trade took place.

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Never seen one for sale. On another note, are you collecting every and any eevee card?

i’m trying to collect all first editions, reverse holo’s, Japanese, English and special cards for every Pokemon. so basically i’m on an impossible quest

*starting with eevee*

Good luck finding them…i’ve never seen one either!

I was looking at these and found it weird that they are literally impossibly rare, I really want the croagunk though…

I can’t remember but there was a user years ago that was always after the Pachirisu.
I’ll mirror what @m786ali said. They haven’t been seen since at least 2010, but even then I’ve never seen them.

You mean @daria. I think he/she quit a couple years ago.

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