Looking for a few cards

Hi everybody,

I’m selling my collection, but thought’d I try and track down these few cards to make my sets complete and increase their value. I’m looking for Japanese cards only:

Carddass 1997 Mew
Neo 4 Unown Z
E-Series 1 078/128 Cloyster [R]
E-Series 1 090/128 Golem [R]

E-starter Deck
021/029 Totodile
022/029 Totodile
023/029 Croconaw
024/029 Feraligatr

E-series 2
076/092 Super Energy Removal 2
091/092 Metal Energy
092/092 Rainbow Energy

I’ll buy them if the price is right! Send me a PM! Thanks.


Might have a couple of them ill PM you when i go through my cards and find them